The Cool Movie Way of a WordPress Update

by Gunther Heinrich, 18 Dec 2008 in The Movie & Me


Computers in real life are boring. Even Apple computers. You sit there all day, use your mouse, hit your keyboard and wait. Perhaps this is the reason why computers and especially human computer interactions look so much cooler in movies (the other reason would be the total lack of knowledge regarding our electronic friends).

Regardless of the reasons I am a movie freak so I immediately remembered all those movie moments with all kinds of uber-cool computer screens and interactions – and tried to imitate them in real life during my Wordpress update.

Of course, I failed miserably. But that doesn’t stop me from writing the dream of

how the update of this blog to Wordpress 2.7 would have looked like in a movie…

Ode to the Critic

by Gunther Heinrich, 9 Dec 2008 in Creative

Oh Critic, how are you fine.

you make me smile, you make me whine.

Whenever I search in the darkest night

you come along and shine a light.

You teach me idiot with high class

what to watch and what to pass.

You talk and write and foam and scream

about some things that seem so gleam.

Your opinion, that’s for sure

is the best, so clean, so pure.

So we shut up and don’t object,

because we are nothing, we are abject.

And in the end when all is read

we know one thing: you are the Critic. You are the head.

Made for those moments

by Gunther Heinrich, 3 Dec 2008 in The Movie & Me

Sometimes it is amazing what you can experience in a movie theater.

Many times I remember more that happened besides the movie than the movie itself. In fact this happens most of the time (which is no good sign for the industry). The whole experience of an evening you spend with your friends in a building constructed solely for that purpose is something you never can truly recreate in your home.

And besides the whole atmosphere there are sometimes moments which are simply crazily funny. It’s like watching THE TOWERING INFERNO in a skyscraper at night – alone.