Some time ago I wrote a – well I wouldn’t say truly harsh – blog post dealing with the ongoing “hype” that seems to be waging on regarding 3D cinema. Although I kept my fingers off my keyboard since then I nevertheless continued to think about this topic. And after a long time I think I finally found a valid argument to add to the discussion.

Ten “Plot Holes” and Errors in Wall-E

by Gunther Heinrich, 25 Jan 2009 in The Movie & Me

If you don’t find an error in a movie you simply didn’t watch it.

Over the years of movie going this is one of the things I concluded. In most cases there is always an error in a movie. And if you didn’t spot anything you simply paid no attention to what’s going on.

WALL E for me is such an example in both ways. For one, when I watched it the first time I simply didn’t spot all the small and bigger errors in this wonderful tale. I simply loved every bit of it. Now that I finally had the time to watch it again on DVD I’m wondering if my brain was working at all during the first time.

So after the movie finished I started thinking. Are there any errors or plot holes? The result I came up with is the following list of ten “plot holes” and errors in WALL E…

The most successful Genres of 2008

by Gunther Heinrich, 20 Jan 2009 in Analyses

Hollywood is, after all, a business. Producers invest money in hope they can make money. In a perfect world, they make more than they invest. So, I am quite sure they analyze each and every movie regarding future projects and their chances of success.

While I could do the same and simply copy and paste all grosses of 2008 in this blog, I take a more profound way:

In this post I analyze the most successful genres of 2008, based on the Top 100 of BoxOfficeMojo (as of January 12th) and the genre classifications used there.

To do this I implemented a three part statistical analysis. Firstly I take a look at the overall grosses of each genre to see how much money went to Hollywood. Secondly I average those grosses by the number of movies. Then I take a look at the cost-income ratio. Finally I add all those results together in one final chart.

So, enough of theory, let’s start.

Some of you might remember the good old times ten or twenty years ago. Those were the times when all kinds of special effects in movies were so obvious you were able to count them without problems.

Well, times surely have changed.

Before I show you the proof of this remark, I present you a funny little game: try to find the effects in the following two images from the movie THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON. Ready? Go:

Zombie Logic on a whole new Level

by Gunther Heinrich, 8 Jan 2009 in iFound


Logic is something you normally cannot expect in a horror movie. Or in a moment that is filled with horror. Take our poor friends called Zombies as an example. Each time someone in a movie sees our friendly rotten meat crawling, he runs away. Some might say this is logical.

Up to now I would have said the same.

But not anymore. And so will you after you watch the most hilarious 38 seconds ever produced regarding Zombies – from a direction many would never expect.