Logic is something you normally cannot expect in a horror movie. Or in a moment that is filled with horror. Take our poor friends called Zombies as an example. Each time someone in a movie sees our friendly rotten meat crawling, he runs away. Some might say this is logical.

Up to now I would have said the same.

But not anymore. And so will you after you watch the most hilarious 38 seconds ever produced regarding Zombies – from a direction many would never expect.

Seriously, I watched so many horror movies, funny and serious. But none of them ever had this logic and immensely hilarious idea: when a Zombie crawls out from a grave, don’t run – simply stick it back into it.

This idea is so simple, yet seemingly no one in Hollywood ever had it written down and filmed. Even less for a cartoon, perhaps out of fear of creativity or harsh reactions. Both facts are sad. Nevertheless we got it, offered from an animated series done in Japan.

By the way: the scene belongs to a series called ONE PIECE which based on a manga of the same name. And you know what? This scene is so well timed that I am intruiged to look further into this series. If this thing wouldn’t be that long…

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