Why Sequels are a Wise Investment decision

by Gunther Heinrich, 21 Feb 2009 in The Movie & Me

Sequels seem to be a curse of the movie industry. Each time a movie is really successful you can count on it that the producers will at least think of doing a sequel. And we also can count on another thing, which is bad quality or at least a worse level of quality compared to its predecessor.

But did we haters ever think of the producers? Admittedly, no. But from their perspective, a sequel might be their wisest decision in a long time.

The End of Blockbuster Movies

by Gunther Heinrich, 12 Feb 2009 in The Movie & Me

Currently, I don’t have a good feeling. For some reason there is this nagging in my mind, telling me that perhaps we have seen the turning point of Hollywood blockbuster movies.

Songsmith Unleashed

by Gunther Heinrich, 6 Feb 2009 in Creative iFound

Never publish anything on the net. Chances are high that the worldwide community takes it and does something completely unexpected.

The newly released (beta / test) software from Microsoft called SONGSMITH is such an example of unexpectedness. The original purpose of this app is to “generate musical accompaniment to match a singer’s voice”. In other words: it’s Karaoke inverted.

Microsoft released this app some weeks ago and what is the result so far? Instead of singing yourself, the community threw this purpose into the bin, takes popular songs, extracts the voice track and let Songsmith do the rest. That’s Karaoke inverse engineered.

Here’s my personal favorite, before and after:

Some might call this silly. I call it creativity unleashed because

I hate movies. Of course not always, but sometimes. It happens when the producer seemed to be blind, the scriptwriter too stupid to find the delete key and me too stupid to simply walk out of the movie theater.

While I could slap me on the face each time anew when I sat through a bad movie it also gives me the chance to let my anger out as a means of a therapy and write it down in a list for your reading pleasure. So, I hereby present you the single worst movies I ever had to watch.

It’s the Best of the Worst, the Cream of the Crap!