Why Sequels are a Wise Investment decision

Sequels seem to be a curse of the movie industry. Each time a movie is really successful you can count on it that the producers will at least think of doing a sequel. And we also can count on another thing, which is bad quality or at least a worse level of quality compared to its predecessor.

But did we haters ever think of the producers? Admittedly, no. But from their perspective, a sequel might be their wisest decision in a long time.

When we think of movies we think of their quality. When a producer thinks of a movie, he most likely thinks of money first (which perhaps might be the end of the blockbuster). Well, at least I would think of money first.

This kind of thinking process has nothing to do with greed in the first place (more the latter place) but with costs. Because before we all pay money to see a movie, the producer had to invest some of it beforehand.

Those investments in movie productions are also called “sunk costs” because regardless of the success, the money is gone. THE DARK KNIGHT had “luck”, SPEED RACER didn’t but in both cases the producers had to make them. And for that, they had to pay money. A lot of it.

And this is when sequels enter the stage.

When you know you have to invest a pile of money so a director sits in his chair, the actor acts and the other hundreds do their stuff, you think ten times over which movie to make. And sequels are a good way to invest.

Because for one, you know from the first movie how successful it was. You know how the reviews turned out; you simply know each important number. Which means that a lot of insecurity toward the future is gone.

For the other the producer knows that the “brand” of the movie is already in the minds of many movie goers. As a result he doesn’t have to invest quite that much money into marketing. The people know the title, the characters and what the story is about. In other words, they simply know each important fact.

What would you do if you were a producer? I think I would stick with the sequel. It is a much safer investment.


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