A death scene that is beyond the alphabet, showing the “Why” of everything in one single pose. Wonderful…

Any normal actor can imitate real life. You know, doing stuff that normal people would do. Like covering a wounded part of your body. But this kind of acting is something for looser, of course. A true actor goes beyond the obvious and tries to reach the unseen. In alphabetical terms, if “A” would be a normal movie with normal acting and the “B” the lesser quality, this would be beyond the “B”.

The actor in the short scene below truly understands this Z(en)-type of acting. Instead of covering his wound and pain, this actor easily reaches the end of the alphabet by lifting one of his arms to the heavens. He shows us his pain, his end, in a full theatrical pose.

But he does not stop here. Just when I think it cannot get any better he leaves the alphabet altogether with one simple gesture that breaks not only the fourth wall, but any wall from number one to infinity. The question of “Why” truly was never so fully expressed in one single pose.

Kudos to everybody that took part in this marvelous scene. To you the “Z” is only the beginning and the “B” a mere child’s play in kindergarten. (Useless test link)

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