The Box Office Curve of Video Game Adaptations

by Gunther Heinrich, 26 Apr 2009 in Analyses

The live action movie adaptation of the best selling game-shooter (and soon to be franchise) Bioshock has been put on hold by Universal as you can read here and here.

To say I was dumbfounded by this news would be a massive understatement. I bought the game almost immediately after its release and it’s been an amazing and breathtaking ride. The atmosphere, the story of a utopia gone horribly wrong along with its citizen (“I’m gonna be a star. It’s not too late, not too late”) and the perfect execution make Bioshock one of the best games I ever played.

I couldn’t understand why Universal would put such a great story with massive potential on hold.

Well, after imagining myself being dressed up as a Big Daddy and paying them a visit I calmed down and started to do some research on the major video game adaptations of Hollywood and their respective Box Offices.

Frankly speaking after the visual results emerged: it looks bad. Really bad. Not only for the hopefully upcoming Bioshock movie but for the genre as a whole.

I just came back from my voyage to a world full of 3D animated figures posing as humans and monsters. After some thought I can say that I liked it, nothing more, nothing less. It was nice movie but nothing I would kill for or watch again – which is really sad because it blew so many chances.

Monsters vs. Aliens (MvA), dear writers, had the chance to really gain some land against the gods called Pixar and do some extremely funny and stylish stuff but unfortunately the result fails in some ways too often.

The Matrix as a Movie Poster

by Gunther Heinrich, 18 Apr 2009 in Creative

Yesterday I was reminded of the 10th birthday of the well-known Matrix movie franchise that happened some days ago. The news of this birthday happened to be an immediate trigger in my mind for something related to it: an image.

Audi Filter Ad: Smoke never looked nicer

by Gunther Heinrich, 13 Apr 2009 in iFound

I just found this stunning advertising done by a German agency for a big car company. Whoever thought that ads have to be all about noise and visual clutter need to see this. It is simple, basic and beautiful at the same time. You could say it is a gem in the mud called advertising.

A much needed Meta-Post regarding Madmind

by Gunther Heinrich, 12 Apr 2009 in Off-Topic

If you spent some time with this blog in the last few weeks you surely spotted all the small and big changes that occurred on this site. From new taglines to constant design changes it had everything. And although this blog is about movies of any kind I simply need to write my experiences down to get back to business and to help you prevent the same design mistakes I did.