Here’s to the Sequel of the Prequel!

Is it just me, or is the number of sequels rising constantly?

I know, I am the first one writing that money has to be made and a movie production is risky. Just some posts ago (which feels like ten years in real time) I stated that sequels are a wise investment decision. Yet it is getting out of hand, isn’t it?

At least it seems to be this way because by looking through the movie news site we learn that we not only get SPIDERMAN 4 and TERMINATOR 4 with a good slice of The Wrath of Bale©. No we even get a sequel of the sequel sequel called TERMINATOR 5, in which a Robert Patrick will *somehow* revive his role of the awesome-ly cool T-1000.

But it is getting even better than this, because we already get a supposed STAR TREK sequel of the prequel, before the prequel itself is out in the movie world. This is only topped by the fact that TERMINATOR 5 got green-lit before the production of the fourth installement even got finished!! Talk about being in a hurry.

But they cannot stop there either. They are on steroids, on drugs because we also learn that we even get another MEN IN BLACK sequel in the year 2011. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones will rejoice as it seems. Perhaps in a wheelchair? I don’t know! But it will be…great??

No, it will be great, because I know they need to make money, so it has be great. I just have to believe in the force or whatever else there is…It will be great!

And it will be a great movie making machine for the industry…

God dammit! Although I know they need to make money to survive I sometimes miss the times when a producer told the world he has something up in his sleeves the world has never seen…

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