Ten Reasons we really watch Movies

There are hundreds papers out there that try to find scientific reasons for why we watch movies. Some reasons they come up with are to be entertained or to flee the harsh reality of life.


Here’s a list of ten reasons we really watch movies in our movie theater of choice:

  • Because we could sleep in those comfortable theater seats forever
  • Because we found the only place on Earth where the idiots shut up for once
  • Because we finally can laugh about someone not with someone
  • Because we finally can see someone finding a parking slot immediately
  • Because we feel so cool when we pay astronomical prices to watch ads
  • Because we really need all this seemingly useless knowledge to save the Earth in the future
  • Because we only need one last bit of inspiration to finalize our own movie script
  • Because we see explosions that look so much better than anything we imitated in our backyard
  • Because we can have a wonderful date without having to talk
  • And last but in no way least because we think the actresses/actors are hot!

Did I forget something?

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