A little bit of Ekova with Starlight in Daden

Originally I planned to write a small rant about the current situation of Hollywood with its unlimited flow of movie remakes, reboots and sequels.

Then I stumbled across a piece of music that made me change my plans.

When I listened to the first seconds of this music video I thought I had a problem with my ears, to say the truth. Nothing seemed to fit, everything just seemed like a bunch of notes strung together in an incoherent way. You know, “melodies” you hear in something…avant-gardy.

But then something terrific happened: a melody full of energy scraped out from the chaos in barely any time at all. And I was in love because it’s been so much time since such a powerful thing nestled down in my ears. Moreover, it’s the first time after months I had the feeling that I listened to a piece of music for four minutes when it really were only two.

To me, this is definitely a fine example of music everyone should have listened to at least once.

Just close your eyes and enjoy…

(use of ‘HQ’ most vehemently recommended)

By the way: if you would have told me this group is french I wouldn’t have believed you. It’s a shame they already seem to have disbanded.

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