Disney’s Atlantis Movie Review

by Gunther Heinrich, 28 Jun 2009 in Reviews

Disney’s penultimate animated movie Atlantis is a product which is everything and nothing at the same time. It had so much potential yet it never took off because of an apparent wish to not enter new grounds called grown-up animation. Will Disney try to go new ways with its The Princess and the Frog?

I doubt it.

Indiana Jones 5 is Gearing Up

by Gunther Heinrich, 17 Jun 2009 in Movie News The Movie & Me

Initial Thought


Second Thought

Q: How many Nazis do you need to overcome Indiana Jones?

A: It doesn’t matter! He beats them all to brown pulp!

Third Thought

Why didn’t all movie fans out there pirate this movie off any torrent site, letting it bomb silently so Hollywood spares us this agony…?!

Yep, that’s my brain working night and day to keep me and you entertained…

OK, let’s get serious again…

Stupid German Additional Movie Titles

by Gunther Heinrich, 14 Jun 2009 in The Movie & Me

Finding a good or great movie title is hard work in the movie industry – especially in Germany, as my post about stupid German movie titles and its follow up post have already proven.

Yet, there is a sometimes even better way of movie titling. It’s the German way of the marketing gurus to add additional titles nobody ever needs. Admitted, the additional titles most often are the results of the worst efforts to not only please the movie fan but also the average guy out there at the same time.

Despite those good intentions my beloved German movie titlers still have a unique talent to wreck any title given to them, so the additional titles don’t have to fear any comparison with the worst examples of their big brothers.

Fasten your seatbelts and prepare for a lot of agony and fun with the following list of ten stupid additional movie titles you only find in Germany including an appropriate translation.

Terminator Salvation Movie Review

by Gunther Heinrich, 8 Jun 2009 in Reviews

There’s probably nothing about the new Terminator: Salvation I could write that hasn’t already been said or written. But I nevertheless do it and write about a movie that tries hard to achieve so much but in the end fails miserably.

Google Squared: Goldfinger is not a Movie

by Gunther Heinrich, 5 Jun 2009 in Fun

What happens when you let an algorithm do the work a human can do much better albeit much slower? You get a big, fat *lol*.