Google Squared: Goldfinger is not a Movie

What happens when you let an algorithm do the work a human can do much better albeit much slower? You get a big, fat *lol*.

I don’t know if this was pure luck or some genius thinking on my part but with just two search terms entered in the new search service Google Squared I found two incredible results that made my day.

Here’s the first set of results I ever got from Squared after entering the search term “movies”:

Squared Movie

This one is subtle but the more funny once you spot it. As you can see, the “Director” cell for Alien is empty with a nasty “No Values Found”. Rats. But the answer is closer than one might think as the description cell contains not only once but twice the terms “directed by” and “Ridley Scott”.

But this funny results is nothing compared to the second one. To see if Squared can do better (although the other results were quite good) I entered “movie sequel” and this is what I got:

Squared Movie Sequel

What do we learn from those results? Forget the visual part of Goldfinger. Just turn up the volume and let the Ska Punk hammer your ears til they bleed. I always had the feeling that Goldfinger is a music video and this is the proof.

I am a genius!


(It will be so funny to search for more of those hiccups and if nothing else, those two results prove that the algorithms in use is still beta and has a long way to go although the other results are quite impressive already.)

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