Indiana Jones 5 is Gearing Up

Initial Thought


Second Thought

Q: How many Nazis do you need to overcome Indiana Jones?

A: It doesn’t matter! He beats them all to brown pulp!

Third Thought

Why didn’t all movie fans out there pirate this movie off any torrent site, letting it bomb silently so Hollywood spares us this agony…?!

Yep, that’s my brain working night and day to keep me and you entertained…

OK, let’s get serious again…

The Serious Stuff

You know, it’s not the first time I’ve mourned about the massive numbers of sequels, remakes and prequels lately. And if nothing else, this new movie entry proves again that Hollywood is eager to milk any movie franchise until it’s lying death on the floor.

Indiana Jones – on the other hand – is a somehow special case.

If you compare this world with, for example, Star Wars you can see that Indiana Jones is predestinated to be a ongoing series of movies (James Bond comes to mind here, too). Because basically you have a cool character with amazing deductive and sportive skills who goes on adventures to find legendary treasures and more. the adventures aren’t that connected, heck, if you look at the second movie entry, you get thrown in characters never to be seen again, so the only constant here is…Indiana Jones.

But why am I so against it, you might ask.

Well, on a business level the producers made one big mistake: they have let the franchise sleep for some months too many. In that regard they took the exact opposite steps compared to James Bond.

Not only did that franchise called James Bond flood the world with its iconic character but the producers also managed to take one important step: they disconnected the character from the actor. James Bond became James Bond, played by… But Indiana Jones? To me Indiana Jones always will be Harrison Ford playing Indiana Jones and not Indiana Jones played by Harrison Ford.

Perhaps the creative guys in Hollywood felt that problem, which over the years turned out to be catastrophic as the next entry never came to be and Ford never found some time to reprise his role.Now it’s almost too late and they desperately seem to try to pass on the torch to a new actor and a new character.

As we all know, IJ4 made tons of money (a little too much for my taste, but ok) and perhaps that’s really the beginning of the “franchise” Indy.

But to me they not only made that crucial step many years too late, but also did some mistakes too much in this fourth entry. Besides the refrigerator it’s Shia LeBouf. I really don’t hate the guy, despite being seen sometimes too often in Steven Spielberg movies, it’s just that I simply cannot imagine him as a good “sequel” to our much beloved iconic Harrison Ford.

Perhaps it would be the best to put Indiana to rest. But there’s the money which is just too glittering.

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