The Count Fetish of Movie Bloggers and Transformers’ Revenge on Quality

Although there’s tons of news – as always – I simply can’t think of anything remotely interesting for me to blog about. Perhaps it’s this constant flood of news in my RSS reader that causes this lack of interest. Some of the news are indeed interesting but – let’s face it – most of them don’t get published in newspapers for a reason.

It’s great to get such a detailed observation about this creative-industrial industry and I don’t even want to imagine myself working as hard as some of the movie news sites and blogs. But recently I wished the guys would “calm down” a little bit.

Although I subscribed to only seven blogs – from which three could be called non-news movie blogs – I get literally dozens of news each day. What is the result? Instead of reading every news or great article I read none of them. I only read the title and sadly very often think: who cares?

One example as of today is the news of a director’s cut of Watchmen. Don’t get me wrong by stating this but wow, who would have thought they’d do a director’s cut. It’s a simple, big and sarcastic “Wow” because every fucking movie nowadays seems to get one of those cuts. Even if this cut would be a massive or minor change, why not wait until it’s getting released and then analyze the differences?

On the other hand, this couldn’t be called news and a movie news blog. Then again, what would speak against a move of putting this “smaller” news into aggregated news posts. You know, like “Ten Small Things of Today” or something like that. This way, the movie news blog would be some sort of filter.  And I would get a bigger picture of everything instead of this chaos that keeps me from reading the posts.

I am quite sure the reason for this race is the same as everywhere: be as fast as you can and post as much as you can. The more content the better. The more changes, the more readers. And so on etc. etc. pp. It’s a count fetish.

I know it’s crazy to state this about movie news blogs and movie news sites. But to me, movie news is not movie news in masses.

Filter out. Cut out. Find the relevant stuff.

That’s the job. Not repeating the same stuff over and over again. Or posting any news that’s out there.

And now for something completely different.

After The Dark Knight enflamed my hopes of Hollywood finally getting into “quality” movies – that is to say movies with compelling and intelligent stories – Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen puts that hope back into the coffin it came from.  The amount of money this movie made is mesmerizing, even by the already high numbers which were estimated.

You know, if by any chance the producers will start over / continue to produce substandard stuff – even if it’s full of cool looking action – we, the viewers, won’t be able to complain anymore.

We decided with our wallets. We have to live with the consequences.

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