Batman Begins as a Movie Poster

Do you still remember the horror Schumacher brought us with his abysmal Batman movies? I still cringe by the very thought of it (all those flashing lights and nasty designs…eek).

Thank god the franchise got a reboot and got a treatment the way it should be treated forever: dark and gritty.

And basically, this is what my newest movie poster art is all about.

As far as I remember there is a perfect way to create your characters for a movie script: let them have some nightmare or other big experience when they are young, in the early teens would be best. This way you can create someone that might not have obvious problems as an adult but whose actions most likely are still influenced by those experiences.

Batman aka Bruce Wayne is the prime example of that principle since he witnessed the death of his parents. Okay, his reaction to this trauma is a little bit…creative but dark and interesting nevertheless.

One thing I don’t understand, though, is the fact, that nobody seemingly ever had the idea I got some time ago for Batman Begins. You know, the killing is connected directly to Batman, so it’s kinda logic to connect both events visually.

But how could you connect them? Well, I had an idea and started to flesh it out. This is the (clickable) result:

Batman Begins Movie Poster

Perhaps we have never seen something similar in our theater of choice because of the fact that the imagery might be too dark and gritty for the usual audience (blood forming a bat? *gasp*). But that’s okay for me, since I can now claim copyright to this idea *evil lol*.

The only problem: you cannot claim © to an IdeaTM. And the other problem: I am quite sure that a massive amount of fans had the very same idea centuries ago.

In the end I think it doesn’t matter, though. The only thing that does matter is this: do you like it?

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