Thank God the 3D Animation Hype cools down

Unfortunately it doesn’t cool down fast enough.

Don’t get me wrong: I like 3D animated movies – if they’re well made and tell a great story. Heck, with the possibilities the producers have at their hands it is a true shame they don’t go full way.

Yes, Final Fantasy was a flop and rightfully so. The story was a mess of pseudo-esoteric scifi crap which would have better fit a 3D game. But at least they went for something “new”. They realized a somehow serious story involving normal looking people and not talking animals (for example Shrek, Shark Tale, Antz, Ice Age, Madagascar, Surf’s Up, Chicken Little, Kung Fu Panda, Barnyard, Open Season, Bee Movie, Bolt, Flushed Away and Up). For a genre that young it’s quite a number we have here.

Well, Final Fantasy is one of the worst faring 3D animated movies ever so I don’t think we will see something serious (which does not come from Pixar) anytime soon. In other words: more talking animals.

Or not?

If you look at the chart below you’ll see that there is a slight but nevertheless constant decline of the grosses of our beloved 3D animated movies:

3D Animated Movies - Chart of Grosses

On the first hand, it does look good, but if you take away the last two spikes (Shrek the Third and Up) it gets obvious that the former days of glory seem over.

Is that a bad thing? No. In fact, to me it’s quite positive because the chart indicates that the hype of 3D is over in which producers could give us any shit and we swallowed it. Perhaps they will soon start to think about doing something else than talking animals and your usual comedy about self-esteem and friendship.

On the other hand, our beloved 2D animation went down the drain and now returns with the usual girly princess fairy tales I’m so fed up with.

Am I too pessimistic? And too optimistic regarding my hope of better stories to come?

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