That makes one theory less. Thanks, Sam Raimi!

If you – by any chance – decide to search through the archives of this blog…be sure to ignore one post I wrote many moons ago.

The post in question is this one: Why Spiderman 3 had to become what it is today.

At that time my naivety got the better of me. I theorized something that looked good on paper (?). I theorized the whole mess we witnessed on the big screen was a result of the script. I theorized this theory from a mathematical perspective – and epically and totally and actually ignored the harsh reality called money.

As it turned out many decades ago (I *am* slow), the mess we got with Spiderman 3 was not a result of writing too much or writing oneself into a corner. It was seemingly and simply the result of some producer’s calculation that three plus x villains (0 < x < 5) are better than one.

Boy was he wrong!

And so was I with my post.

Well, life’s full of learning. The only problem is the fact that the producer made a ton of money thanks to our love of movies and our hope of another great installment. So I guess he learned nothing except for one thing: “I was right! Yaayyy!” *starts swimming in money*

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