The Top 101 Sequels of All Time

20. Austin Powers: The Spy who Shagged me

austin2Movie Score: 64.4

Fat Bastard! Nooooo. This guy is so terrible on so many levels that I cannot even begin comprehend him. Mini Me on the other hand is awesome on every kind of level. And I so love Frau Farbissina and her German accent. Despite some bad jokes here and there I still like (and almost kinda love) Austin Powers 2 which so fantastically spoofs every kind of spy movie out there. Scott is a guy of wisdom from time to time, saying what the audience thinks all the time: “Why don’t you just shoot him?”. True. So true.

19. Superman 2

superman2Movie Score: 64.6

Superman 2 is a movie I never would have entered the Top 20 – if it were my choice. Besides the fact that Superman is the most boring superhero ever, this and the other movies about him even made it worse because besides a boring main character we got the cheese. In masses. The bad guy trio is also way too cheesy here. Just take a good look at the movie poster and you know what I mean. Seriously, what do all the people like about Superman 2? I simply cannot understand it.

18. Meet the Fockers

meetthefockers2Movie Score: 65.1

It’s a shame but I again have to admit I haven’t seen this one. The first movie was a charm even though I sometimes wanted to paint the wall with the face of Ben Stiller because of his stupidity, but hey, that’s the script which called for that. Is the sequel better or just as good? Does the cat have a cameo? Questions above questions. Nevertheless I think a rank of 18 is very good for a light comedy so the producers can wholeheartedly pat themselves on the back.

17. Back to the Future 2

back2Movie Score: 66.8

Yep, the names and franchises listed here get bigger by the rank. The last thing I remember very clearly after watching BttF 2 is the headache I had because of all those time paradoxes. The final moment of this sequel was great nonetheless with Doc fainting after seeing Marty again just as he sent him back. That’s what I call interwoven plot. If for nothing else, this sequel is a nice what-if scenario depicting a possible future, envisioned by people in the 80s – which we now can compare to what really happened.

16. Bourne Supremacy

bourne2Movie Score: 68.8

As far as I remember, the Bourne Trilogy is one of very few in which each sequel has a higher box office than its predecessor. And I can understand that because in many ways I regard this franchise to be a better James Bond. Of course, Bond has style and a nice woman on each hand. But Bourne has down-to-earth action and suspense. No world dominating bastard can beat a good fight between two killers. I never read much background material or watched making-ofs, but I am quite sure that they went on to create the exact opposite of Bond – at least on the visual level.

15. Lethal Weapon 2

lethalweapon2Movie Score: 70.3

The best buddy cop movie franchise of all time. Nothing can beat those two bastards who could not be more different. The jokes and one-liners are funny as hell and the action intense at best. Joe Pesci is a serious pain in the ass here – but I love every minute of it because he manages to balance his acting between lovable and irritating. Although the plot is somehow dated by now, it still is good and let’s my hate for the main bad guy burn with the intensity of a thousand suns.

14. Star Trek: the Wrath of Khan

startrek2Movie Score: 70.4

Oh fucking yes, the best B-Movie of grand Sci-Fi opera. Where the original movie was about grandeur and slowness this one is about emotion and action. Here we finally meet out trio infernale as we know themfrom the series – spiced up by an old friend we also met before. Wrath of Khan has the best of both worlds (TV and cinema). And anyone who doesn’t shed at least one tear at the end is a cold-blooded vulcan. A well deserved rank for a sequel of very few – a sequel that is far better than the original movie.

13. Batman Returns

batman2Movie Score: 57.9

I hate Superman but I love Batman. Where Superman is boring as shit, this character has far more depth and is way darker – which I love in this genre. Now Batman Returns always was a mixed bag to me for reasons I still cannot quite articaulate. Perhaps it was filled up with way too many characters or was way too gothic? I don’t know but despite this reluctance I think Batman Returns deserves this rank. Heck, it was the last movie before the neon kicked in and almost destroyed a whole franchise.

12. Aliens

aliensMovie Score: 77.9

Aliens is awesome beyond belief. This is one of the best sequels ever. I still remember the day I first watched the movie as a teen. Boy, I was scared to the bones. The intensity and the suspense are above everything else. It’s the perfect blend of action, horror, suspense, and scifi. The motion trackers are some of the best plot devices put to screen. Kudos to James Cameron and Signourney Weaver. If you haven’t watched it: do it now. And don’t watch the directors cut, stick to the original cut because the suspense is way better.

11. Matrix Reloaded

matrix2Movie Score: 88.5

I stil remember the moment when we left the cinema. Although I kinda hated the talking heads, I knew I watched some fantastic action sequences. But the main attraction to me was the end which hinted that there was still another reality behind the world we knew as “reality”. I really was full of hype because of all those possiblities. Was it a game? An experiment? I couldn’t wait. Well, I am quite sure you can imagine what I thought about everything after watching the final movie of this franchise. Oh boy. Well, at least the action was good so Matrix well deserves its rank here whiklw gladly not entering the Top 10.

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