The Top 101 Sequels of All Time

10. Star Wars Episode 2 – Attack of the Clones

episode2Movie Score: 90.3

aka. The bullshit saga. It almost hurts my pride that this movie managed to enter the Top 10. Admitted, in comparison to the utter shitfest of the first Episode movie, this one seems like Shakespeare. The only thing here – again – is George Lucas. Guys, he even admitted, he cannot write a story to save his life. Don’t kiss his feet but kick his ass. The effects were high-res as usual and the textures as painted as always. But the plot was shit, the character’s good enough to not care about them and the love story…I still shiver by only thinking about it.

9. X2

x2Movie Score: 93.4

It still amazes me, how Bryan Singer and his three screenwriters managed to manage so many different characters and plot elements. There is the raid, the dam, the family quarrel thing, the assassination of everything and of course Nightcrawler. As a result X-Men 2 never stand still and has some cool action sequences. The only thing that still bugs is the fact that the mansion seemed to be avoid of any kind of defensive systems. When you have so many people so valuable to so many foes, wouldn’t you also build a fortress even Nordic Gods couldn’t invade? Well, I would…

8. Godfather 2

godfather2Movie Score: 102.4

In many lists, this movie ranks top or near top, somewhere between rank 1 and rank 5. Well, this list is different and so Godfather 2 “only” reaches rank 8. It is a shame, I know, because this sequel is fantastic in every kind of way, but life never is fair. The low box office is one important factor to calculate the score and unfortunately, people seemingly didn’t come in droves because the adjusted sum is not that high compared to more recent flicks that made tons of money.

7. Spiderman 2

spiderman2Movie Score: 151.7

Who would ever have guessed that our beloved horror movie director will be responsible for one of the most successful superhero franchises ever in terms of money and critics rating. Where Spiderman 3 failed, this (first) sequel hits one home run after another by continuing to flesh out the characters, adding one of the most iconic villains ever and serving action sequences with perfect special effects. There’s not much one could nitpick and seriously – I know nothing I could nitpick about. A well deserved rank 7.

6. Terminator 2: Judgement Day

t2Movie Score: 165.0

Terminator 2 is one of the best sequels of all time and I don’t write this because the movie managed to reach rank 6 (some minor points more and it would have reached rank 4). I love this flick from start to finish. No other sequel ever reached this kind of high level story continuation and character development – everything fits and feels natural. And the fantastic action sequences are the icing on the top. This movie is intense and perfect entertainment for those people out there who want something darker.

5. Shrek 2

shrek2Movie Score: 165.6

This is a close one between Shrek 2 and Terminator 2. You could say they’re apart two Basic Instinct 2. Aside from that I can fully support the high ranking of Shrek 2 despite my utter hate for it. It’s not that the movie is bad, it just that I hate it. The ending with all this singing shit and the more just was the final trigger to let my anger float into the heavens. It’s as simple as that. And if you might wonder: I thought that the original movie was nice. It had some good ideas but that’s about it.

4. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

indy2Movie Score: 169.1

I think we can all agree to the fact that from the old three movies (wait, there was a fourth one?) this one was by far the weakest. And this makes me wonder: why the heck does everybody love the sequel so much? The guys on IMDB rate it 8.3. This is way too good for my taste. A 7 to 7.5 perhaps and at best but over a fracking 8? Of course, the action is good as is the fun, but the story simply doesn’t kick ass in my eyes. But that’s only my opinion and therefore I absolutely accept the very high position in the Top 101.

3. Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

lotr2Movie Score: 220.1

It’s as Peter Jackson said in the making-of’s: the second installment of a trilogy is always the worst part because there is no clear beginning and no clear end in sight. This is absolutely true but don’t get me wrong: I am talking about something here that is so high level that almost every other sequel here pales in comparison. Heck, this is the Top Third Sequel of all time. And The Two Towers absolutely deserves it. The final battle is epic and Gollum is one heck of a character – and of course realized using character animation at its finest. Well done, guys!

2. The Dark Knight

darkknightMovie Score: 289.2

What could I write about this fantastic movie others haven’t already written about. Hands down, Dark Knight might be very well the movie of the decade. It gritting, hard-boiled and filled with moral dilemmas. If they manage to pull of the third movie in a similar fashion then the superhero we know as Batman might form a new fandom similar to Star Wars – only more grown-up. It so godamn unfair that Heath Ledger had to die so young. His performance here was one of the single best things ever put on the silver screen.

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