The Top 101 Sequels of All Time

101. Basic Instinct 2

basicinstinct2Movie Score: 0.3

Every list has to start with a movie and Basic Instinct 2 rightfully earned its last place. The first movie by Paul Verhoeven is still a great addition to the world of cinema. Sharon Stone on the brink of bi teases and fucks Michael Douglas? I’m sold! Moreover she totally own the screen with her cold appearance, and the moment during the interrogation is still something. As you see I don’t really write about the sequel. And I think you all agree with me that it’s best to not even start.

100. Highlander 2

highlander2Movie Score: 0.9

This somewhat strange sequel to the head-chopping hit seems to be the sole idea of “well, let’s go the completely different way and go to the future.” If nothing else this movie shows what was important at that time and that logic is something irrelevant. Nevertheless I have some good memories of this second worst sequel ever. Maybe it was the overall atmosphere or the fact that I was a kid when I watched Highlander 2 for the first and the last time. How they managed to bent light around earth is still beyond me.

99. Grease 2

grease2Movie Score: 1.2

A sequel to the adaptation of a Broadway Musical seems like a good idea, although it also seems that they lost their mojo to do that during the last 20 or so years. Judging by the ratings and box offices this movie earned itself a good third place in the group of The Worst. I’ve never watched this sequel but from the various critics this movie seems to be bad beyond anything. Good thing I never was into this lets-sing-instead-of-talk kind of shit. Seriously, if I want to see singing people I watch music videos not a god damn movie.

98. Species 2

species2Movie Score: 1.2

Okay, who watched Species 2? Nobody? I though so. Even the hotness factor cannot save this dud from being a total disaster. Well, at least the hotness-factor was high enough to prevented Species 2 to enter the row of the three worst sequels ever. And with “high” I mean an extremely small margin of epically 0,02 points. See Hollywood? The hotness-factor is not that hot after all. Good screenwriting cannot replace hot chicks. Did anyone see Species, by the way?

97. Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas

flintstones2Movie Score: 1.3

You almost never can live-actionize a good cartoon property. This sequel is a perfect proof of this fact! But despite everything regarding cartoons turned to people you know what’s even weirder? When checking out some ratings and reviews I learned that some thought this sequel was an improvement! What the %&§/? The poster alone would be worth some jail time and some consider this an improvement? Thank God, no well-known actor took part in this thing.

96. Blues Brothers 2000

bluesbrothers2Movie Score: 1.4

The reason for this sequel is still a mystery to me. Blues Brothers is the perfect movie, and this praise comes from somebody who normally hates this singing stuff (see above). Was it money or fame? Or both? Did Dan Aykroyd ever give a good explanation in an interview or the bonus material? Why the heck did they add this kid? Why the heck did they imitate themselves with the massive car crash? Why? This movie really and truly and rightfully is one of the worst sequels ever!

95. xXx: State of the Union

xxx2Movie Score: 1.6

The original movie was fun to say the least. It was not perfect but was good enough for a cooler soon-to-be-franchise. The sequel was nothing. Okay, it had everything: action, cool one-liners, a wanna-be badass and hot chicks. But those ingredients never lead to something good. Blame the writers with their poor artistic choices and the absence of the original team. Oh and one additional note to Hollywood: nothing will become “cool” just by adding Hip Hop or Rap to the mix.

94. Speed 2: Cruise Control

speed2Movie Score: 2.1

Speed 2 might be very well the best example of the crazy attempts of Hollywood to turn anything and everything mildly successful into a sequel. Against any odds, against any amount of common sense. It’s really no wonder Speed 2 is considered one of the worst sequel of all time. Let’s hope there will never be a third part in a train that cannot slow down. Only the “success” at the box office saves Speed 2 from the last place in this list. I really pity Sandra Bullock.

93. Hostel: Part 2

hostel2Movie Score: 2.2

Earning 10 times the amount of the investment is a sure indicator for a sequel. I have never Hostel 2 but judging from its poor box office we probably never will get to see another entry in this franchise. Nevertheless it seems that they’ll really try to produce another movie although none is heard from the project since then. Another interesting tidbit: Hostel 2 is banned in Germany – at least the uncut version. They seem to have even banned an extended, but still cut version of Hostel 2.

92. The Fly 2

fly2Movie Score: 2.4

Okay, I have to admit it: this is one of the few sequels about which I know nothing about. I didn’t watch the sequel let alone the original movie from 1958 or the 1986 remake. What even more incredible is the fact that even the original 1958 fly got a sequel. Well, times – they aren’t changing. They even plan a remake of the remake. Well, Hollywood can be crazy sometimes. So, in light of this let’s simply go on with the next entry of this list and ignore Fly 2…

91. Crank: High Voltage

crank2Movie Score: 2.9

Although this movie is not a total bomb regarding its ratings (it got a 6.5 on IMDB, so it’s “good” enough) the fact that it bombed at the box office still pulls it down in the list. I love the first movie with its crazy ideas and non stop action. I think this is the main reason that I avoided the sequel thus far.

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