The Top 101 Sequels of All Time

90. Grudge 2

grudge2Movie Score: 3.2

It seems that US remakes of foreign movie material is almost never a good idea. Even if it’s the original director doing not only the first remake but also the sequel to the remake. Or the remake of the sequel since the Japanese horror tale titled Ju-on got its own Japanese sequel some years ago. Well, even if the story got drastically changed for the US version we again learn that some things are better left untouched to prevent bigger commercial and artistic disasters.

89. The Exorcist 2

exorcist2Movie Score: 3.3

It’s been ages since I last watched the movie and I remember I had the impression of a chaotic and uninspired movie – a huge letdown compared to the original grand horror movie that shocked the world. Exorcist 2 made an adjusted 100 Million Dollar when released. Although this number is okay, it pales in comparison to the adjusted jaw-dropping 621 Million Dollar which Exorcist made in the US alone. (The international grosses are even more mesmerizing)

88. Pink Panther 2

pinkpanther2Movie Score: 3.9

The trailers alone for this movie made me shiver in agony and so I never had or will ever watch Pink Panther 2, starring Steve Martin. You know, I once liked his movies. I really did and do. But his recent attempts to be funny are simply too stupid for me. Why did Hollywood even decide to butcher the classic movies? Oh yeah, of course, it’s the smell of money that lured everyone into this trap. To call Pink Panther 2 a commercial bomb would be an understatement.

87. Evil Dead 2

evildead2Movie Score: 4.1

Okay, to see Evil Dead 2 that below in the list hurts my inner movie geek because I absolutely love every bit of this sometimes absurdly crazy horror tale. Where the first one was hard-core horror to the bones this sequel adds so much fantastic fun into the mix that Evil Dead 2 well deserves its rank as a cult film. The fight Ash vs. His Hand alone is makes this movie worth many re-watches in the future. Well, at least the only reason that Evil Dead 2 ranks at 87 is its extremely low gross revenue. Damn it!

86. Escape from L.A.

escapela2Movie Score: 4.5

Well, that’s another sequel I cannot write much about because I haven’t seen it. A good friend of mine watched Escape from L.A. some years ago, though, and his impression was not that overwhelming, while not really being bad. A real letdown for the producers, of course, was the fact that Escape was a true box office bomb – the movie managed to earn only just about half of its production costs. It’s no wonder we never heard of plans for yet another sequel for this iconic character.

85. Jeepers Creepers 2

jeeperscreepers2Movie Score: 4.9

This franchise might have scared the one or the other movie goer but as with rank 86 I cannot write much about Jeepers Creepers 2 because I haven’t even seen the first movie (pretty lame for a movie blogger, eh?). Perhaps I will watch it sometime in the future but the promise sounds as a standard horror flick that has some good moments here and there but unfortunately nothing more. Well, it didn’t prevent them from producing a third movie that seemingly will put everything to an end.

84. Analyze That

analyzethatMovie Score: 5.1

Okay, I almost love but most definitely really like Analyse This. Watching Billy Crystal freaking out about DeNiro’s character is just wonderful to watch, even more because DeNiro really seemed to have fun to make fun of his own character archetypes he played in the past. Oh, right, this is about the sequel. Well, again, I haven’t watched Analyze That and according to Rotten Tomatoes 29% I seem to have made a reaaalllly good decision. Well, the score of 5.1 sadly also speaks for itself.

83. Return to Oz

returntoozMovie Score: 5.2

Although Return to Oz has one of the best user ratings in the from the Top 101 to the Top 50 movie entries in this list the very low ticket sales gave this fantasy flick a nasty nose dive. Compared to Wizard of Oz, Return is way darker as the plot starts only weeks after the first movie and Dorothy cannot forget her experiences, which results in an attempt to electro-shock her out of it. Perhaps this darkness was the reason for Return to Oz only grossing about half of its investment.

82. Beethoven’s 2nd

beethovens2ndMovie Score: 5.3

Wanna know what really shocks me? To learn that Beethoven’s 2nd was only the second of overall six installments of this franchise. From the Top 101 to Top 80 Beethoven’s 2nd has one of the highest grosses, hence the situation this time is the total opposite to Return to Oz which had a disastrous gross. Judging by the plot outline which tells the story of a puppy-napping I’m absolutely and in no way not surprised that this 101 Dalmatians wanna-be scored that bad on the rating side.

81. Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason

bridgetjones2Movie Score: 6.3

Three years after its predecessor skyrocketed in international grosses, Bridget Jones: the Edge for Reason followed along in the almost same way. Admitted, the US gross was only slightly more than half the amount of the first movie, but on the international level, there is not that big of a difference. Nevertheless this doesn’t mean I will watch this sequel, because I didn’t like the first movie very much.

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