The Top 101 Sequels of All Time

80. Friday the 13th Part 2

friday13th2Movie Score: 7.2

There was a time when I seriously wanted to watch the whole franchise. But for some reason no video rental shop in my city had that flick. In review this is more than strange since they had all the other movies (except for the first one) and the rating for Part 2 was not that high or the movie on the index (yeah, that still exists in Germany). Well, sometimes later I lost interest and hence never watched Part 2. According to some reviews this unsuccessful treasure hunt might have been for the better.

79. Scary Movie 2

scarymovie2Movie Score: 7.3

Okay, I have to admit it: I don’t hate this movie as most do. I cannot exactly tell why. Perhaps the reason is that there was one scene I cannot remember anymore in which I laughed my ass off. To me, Scary Movie 2 is simply a cool shitfest from which you expect nothing and simply have some fun with it…Okay I seriously need to rewatch Scary Movie 2 and also sing the song of shit before I completely ruin my non-existent reputation here. Well, Tim Curry is always badass in any kind of movie.

78. Sister Act 2

sisteract2Movie Score: 7.8

What can I say? To me, Sister Act 2 is an epic waste of time -as with most of the other entries in the lower half of the list. It doesn’t matter what you try, you simply cannot recreate the charm of the first movie and the circumstances of the main character. Of course, it’s money making, but I’d be happy if they went a better way. In other words: scrapping this sequel and producing something good for once. Well, at least the soundtrack is nice, if nothing else we can listen to this.

77. Under Siege 2

undersiege2Movie Score: 7.9

Steven Seagal, the endless actor with an astounding amount of one expression, regardless of the situation. It could be the end of the world and he would still have his cool expression. Despite this utter lack of acting it’s no problem, since acting was never the high point of Seagal’s movies. It was the kick-ass action. This movie also delivers on this one, although I had the feeling the first one was slightly better here. My only big meh is the fact that the powers that be simply moved the story from a ship to a train. Way to go!

76. Conan the Destroyer

conan2Movie Score: 8.0

I still cannot understand how the §$%!” Conan managed to pick the correct mirror-door-thingy to kill a bad guy. Was it intuition or simply a small detail I didn’t notice? Or am I thinking too much about this sequel? Well, at least the finale is not that bad (although it was accompanied by many cheesy short moments) by having an almost good looking monster (except for those ‘hands’). As with many other movies: they wasted too many good opportunities here.

75. Predator 2

predator2Movie Score: 8.2

There are ‘franchises’ you simply should left alone. Predator definitely is one of those. The first movie is one of the very best of 80s action-horror flicks. A small group of soldiers who fights against a badass alien hunter in the deepest jungle? It can’t get better than this! Well, sadly, the powers that be thought it would be cool to try this shit in a big city. Come on…Regarding the AvP franchise: was there something like that because I decided to ignore shit?

74. 28 Weeks Later

28weeksMovie Score: 8.3

If 28 Weeks later just would have scored better at the box office it would easily have climbed the ladder to the upper half of this list. More than that I cannot say much about it since I have again to admit I haven’t seen this movie. Main reason for this decision is the fact that I thought 28 hours later was nice but nothing more. Perhaps I need to watch the first movie again and then directly head to 28 Weeks Later because really many people say this was the best horror flick of 2007.

73. Transporter 2

transporter2Movie Score: 8.4

You always have to be alerted as soon as one child enters the screen. In most cases it’s a hint that the screewriters didn’t know anything better and tried to go the cheap way. Sadly this shows in many instances in Transporter 2. Okay, the fights are still awesome but also lack something at the same time. The best example to prove that is the fight against the crazy chick: Way.Too.Short. This scene also proves: too many good wasted opportunities. Note for the future: Less script stunts, more real stunts!

72. The Ring Two

ring2Movie Score: 8.7

Well, to me it’s no wonder that Ring 2 didn’t score higher in this list. Compared to the first movie with its great atmosphere and eerie horror, this one simply and sadly lacked everything in this department. Heck I even don’t remember much of its plot anymore which is a real shame. The only scene I still remember very well is the one with the deers. But that could also be due to the ads if I’m not totally mistaken. The poster at least oozes with atmosphere and style.

71. RoboCop 2

robocop2Movie Score: 8.9

Hands down, even if the plot is shit (come on: a child?) and doesn’t even come remotely close to RoboCop and its dystopian atmosphere there is one thing that anyone should remember even years later: the badass robot design of the villain robot (funnily named RoboCop 2). Okay, the design also doesn’t hold a chance against Ed-209 but RoboCop 2 (the robot) still had something nasty and intimidating. If you need want to watch this sequel you can gladly skip the shit and head right to the climatic battle.

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