The Top 101 Sequels of All Time

70. Poltergeist 2: The other Side

poltergeist2Movie Score: 9.1

Sequels really don’t seem to be my thing at the moment, espcially in the lower half of this list, because here is – again – a sequel I didn’t watch and hence cannot say smaomething personal about it…wait a moment…oh my god, no I did see Poltergeist 2. There is still the scene in my mind in which the father barfs some kind of monster after having a good drink and there was also this shaman guy. As far as I remember now I then had the feeling that Poltergeist 2 was a good thrill but rather confusing.

69. Clerks 2

clerks2Movie Score: 9.3

Despite the fact that nothing big is happening in Clerks 2 I had fun watching the antics and discussion of the characters. the LoTR vs. Star Wars discussion was the most fun of them. Even more so, I felt somehow touched by the plot that elaborated the characters here and there and managed added some good scenes, especially at the end. If for nothing else, the movie is good enough to be watched at least once for some mild fun and some kind of slice-of-life comedy.

68. Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle

charliesangels2Movie Score: 9.6

Crap, I really cannot remember anymore if I watched CA 2 or not. If nothing else, this fact proves that this movie didn’t have anything to it that would be remotely interesting or even creative. In a way it’s a shame this movie did so well at the box office because it once again proved that quality is something you don’t need for an action flick to be successful. On the other hand I can understand the urge we sometimes feel: to simply have fun with some brainless and pseudo-erotic shitfest.

67. Airplane II: The Sequel

airplane2Movie Score: 10.0

Although Airplane 2 cannot reach the genius of Airplane (no spoof movie cannot do that) I really like the end result. Yeah, the jokes are not one laugh after another anymore, but who cares! I watch this movie from time to time and still have fun. Shatner’s great (hopefully ironic) overacting is pure fun and even today I laugh hard when Elaine tells the passengers one catastrophic news after another, only to see them freak out after she admits that there’s no more coffee on board. Classic.

66. Cheaper by the Dozen 2

cheaper2Movie Score: 10.1

I so hate this movie! From the first to the last second I screamed in my seat in sheer agony when I watched Cheaper 2 in my cinema of choice. Steve Martin, why? Why did you destroy my hopes that you some time will return with your old style? This movie is so an epic waste of anyone’s time it’s almost ironic. Not only the audience lost some hours for nothing but also the whole production team lost its precious time – which sums up to hundreds of hours in the worst case for some people here. I feel so sorry for them.

65. Nutty Professor 2

nutty2Movie Score: 10.2

I really tried to watch Nutty Professor 2 on TV. I really tried. But after some minutes I couldn’t stand it longer. The jokes were so cheap I felt I paid money to see them. Why the fart jokes? Why this shit? Eddie Murphy you can do better than this and you really should have left the project as soon as possible. Even if you get paid a truck full of money sometimes you gotta stand up for something and tell the screewriter that he for heaven’s sake should do a better job.

64. Police Academy 2

policeacademy2Movie Score: 10.3

Oh those were the times. I was young and you could show me any kind of boyish comedy and I would love it. Well, I still have fond memories of the earlier entries in this franchise. If for nothing else, Police Academy 2 is so cool because of one character: Zed. This crazy zany idiot is so fantastic you simply gotta love him. This character marks also one of the very rare cases in which the German Dub is better than the original voice (!) because for dubbing they used a higher pitched voice that so fits to the character it’s frightening.

63. Final Destination 2

finaldestination2Movie Score: 11.3

How many times did you watch a horror movie sequel and thought “Good” or “Great” or even “Better than the first one?” The deaths in Final Destination 2 were great and the high concept screams “franchise” but nevertheless I had this nagging feeling that I was watching nothing special and that this movie was a wasted opportunity from start to finish. Well, according to the user ratings, Final Destination 2 is good, even great. So you might call this movie one of the rare instances in which the sequel can hold up to its predecessor.

62. Dr. Dolittle 2

dolittle2Movie Score: 11.4

Talking animals. You know, after many years of Disney movies, animated movies in general and Disney series I cannot stand this kind of thing anymore. Talking movies is dead to me and I start running each time anyone even only mentions something like that. I hope you can understand that in this regard I didn’t even come close to the first movie, let alone the sequel. Nevertheless I somehow feel bad that Eddie Murphy has not one but two movies this low in the list.

61. Gremlins 2: The New Batch

gremlins2Movie Score: 11.7

I don’t know if Gremlins 2 would fare well by my personal standards I have today but when I last watched it I really had a lot of fun. Anarchy is always a good thing and those creatures really serve it. The intelligent Gremlin, the hooker Gremlin, damn it, I need to watch Gremlins 2 again. This movie isn’t high standard, it is simple and pure fun – and looking at some more recent bad examples of pure fun movies, Gremlins 2 is still a good watch. Even more so in our modern times, when nobody seems to have one tiny bit of harmless anarchy left in their bones.

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