The Top 101 Sequels of All Time

50. Crocodile Dundee II

crocodile2Movie Score: 19.5

I don’t hate this movie in fact I somehow like it. Okay, the phrase is getting old, but the sequel (again) doesn’t come close to the first movie but Dundee’s hunt of the bad boys in the wilderness with a good dose of fun still is an entertaining watch – if you don’t anything better to do. Some moments really hit the laugh here and that is something most pure comedies cannot achieve, so rank 50 is well deserved. The soundtrack, by the way, is something I’d recommend to anyone.

49. Mad Max 2

madmax2Movie Score: 19.6

Post-apocalyptic movies were so 80s, which is no wonder in regard to the nuclear destruction humanity faced each day – although the movie talks of energy shortages (which feels eerie since we might really hit this low sometime in the future). It’s interesting to note that this Australian sequel and not the original movie started Mel Gibson’s international career. If Mad Max two only would have been slightly more successful, the rank could be significantly higher. 53 Million Dollar’s simply too low.

48. Blade 2

blade2Movie Score: 20.5

The movie directed by Guilermo de Toro who also gave us Pan’s Labyrinth. It’s unfortunate that del Toro didn’t have the chance to add his style and writing to the flick. I am sure it would have become a fantastic experience. So, in the end, we got a rather good action movie – from which I remember almost nothing anymore, except for the ending on the roof. Usually that’s not a good sign but I’ll let it slip as i didn’t start hating Blade 2 when I watched the flick in cinema. Rank 48 is fitting: not too bad but also not too good.

47. Ace Ventura: When nature calls

aceventura2Movie Score: 22.9

I admit it: I love Ace Ventura 2. It’s this kind of shit movie you either love and hate – and I love it.  If you’ve never watched the sequel, do it. Don’t search for a story here, just relax and laugh. Thinking about it, I believe that the movie works for me are the minor characters (especially the sidekick of Ace, Fulton Greenwall) and their wtf-reactions they give almost each time, Ace pulls another stunt. While some scenes really are not that great (i.e. the birth scene), the movie as a whole still holds. A nice and deserved rank.

46. Fantasia 2000

fantasia2000Movie Score: 23.6

What the heck was up with Disney? They get a chance to create animation porn at its finest, they get a chance to create animation never seen or done before. And they did what? 3D CGI for the most parts? Were they nuts? The only segments I still love to death are George Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue and the final segment. Both showed great style in totally different ways and the last segment at least hinted to what Disney could have been making from the first second of Fantasia 2000. It’s a shame.

45. SAW 2

saw2Movie Score: 23.2

I cannot remember anything anymore about this flick except for the admittedly badass ending but I still remember every moment from the first one. What does this tell us? You cannot pull a Shyamalan if you’re not working with a script that’s better than average. Judging by the various ratings, Saw 2 is a good if not even very good sequel. But for one nothing can beat the first entry with its pure and awesome atmosphere and for the other the sequel simply didn’t hit it when it could have. Nevertheless Saw 2 is a good watch.

44. Ocean’s Twelve

oceans12Movie Score: 24.1

A sequel to a remake usually is never a good thing and yet, Ocean’s Twelve manages to be entertaining with a solid plot that is supported by a huge cast of top actors. On the other hand we could say that this movie is not that big of a succes because despite all those big numbers, this sequel didn’t manage to come even close to some other big players in this list – at least regarding in terms of box office. If nothing else Ocean’s Twelve proves big names are not the guarantee to print money.

43. Scream 2

scream2Movie Score: 25.0

Scream 2 proves that movie geeks might know everything about the slasher genre but still get sliced up from top to bottom. Knowing something and doing something are two very different things – even if it’s just about feeling and saving ones ass. This ironic spice adds so much to the franchise, and the discussions in this movie about slasher sequels is simply awesome to watch. On the other hand, the overall story was not that awesome and so the movie deserves this average rank in this list.

42. Karate Kid 2

karatekid2Movie Score: 25.5

As far as I remember Karate Kid 2 is a good sequel in the sense that the sequel seamlessly continues the story from Karate Kid (although it jumps some months some moments later). On the other hand, the rest of the movie is rather cheesy. You get some teenage romance and some insights into the world of asia/Japan. A real letdown was the scene in which Daniel saves the day / the girl during a typhoon. Way too cheesy. It would’ve been so cool if they went the Ninja-doing-stuff-nobody-can – at least a little bit.

41. Bad Boys 2

bb2Movie Score: 30.3

I really like Bad Boys 2, so rank 41 is good and fitting. The action is crazy as ever and the one-liners hit most of the time. Bad Boys 2 is a good example for why critics sometimes simply do not understand the “average” movie watcher. They can love and admire their brainy movies to death but they also need to have an antenna that tells them: “Hey you personally might hate it, but many will love it. Admit it, and rate it a little bit higher.” Just compare the ratings of IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes and you’ll understand what I mean.

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