The Top 101 Sequels of All Time

40. Men in Black 2

mib2Movie Score: 31.8

If you’re bored to death this movie might just be the right thing for you: you can watch it once and forget it. Despite the fact they added most of the elements from the original movie, they simply couldn’t catch the style, the atmosphere and the fun of the original movie. MIB2 was nothing spectacular or special. Let’s hope the third installment will do better a better job in entertaining us – without resorting to Michael Bay who is so wrong on so many levels that I’d need to write a whole post about it.

39. Jaws 2

jaws2Movie Score: 32.2

Yep, this small island really – and I mean reallly – is doomed. Each year, heck, each day a new white shark has nothing better to do than terrorizing the waters of Amity Island. To me, Jaws 2 is one of the most useless sequels of all time. The first movie is a classic without a doubt, so this might be the only reason Jaws 2 exists. But let’s be frank: the sequel should be forgotten right away. By the way: do you also think that the movie poster on the left looks weird? It seems some kind of pre-Photoshop disaster…

38. Naked Gun 2

nakedgun2Movie Score: 32.8

One of the very few sequels that are almost as good as the original movies. To me, this is the last big spoof movie before Leslie Nielsen and the genre as a whole crumbled under the shit he and it produced. Oh god, the beginning scene at the diner alone is so fantastic. Really, I was rolling on the floor because of this. Where did this kind of comedy gold vanish to? Today we get idiots mourning over their geeky looser-life instead of getting a catastophic character to whom nothing compares. Life isn’t fair.

37. American Pie 2

americanpie2Movie Score: 33.7

If American Pie 2 would be a spoof I could continue my rant from above. One thing that shocks me is the high rank American Pie achieved to climb to. At least this is due to the rather high box office than the ratings. It’s nevertheless good to read that this flick has the almost same cult status than the original movie. I really don’t wanna know how many drinking games are out there. If there is none: dudes, this is the ultimate game for any high school party. Do. It. Now.

36. Ghostbusters 2

ghostbusters2Movie Score: 35.5

They should have never produced Ghostbusters 2. Although the basic premise has something, the whole thing screams sequel and money continuously. Adding a baby was no good idea, having this cheesy finale was not a good thing, skipping so many years was not a good thing, starting with a broke Ghostbusters company was not a good thing and so on. Although I still love the court scene it also too well resembles the plot elements from the original movie. Compared to the first movie a real letdown.

35. A Shot in the Dark

pink2Movie Score: 36.1

If you don’t know this movie, rest assured. Up to creating this list I also didn’t know that this is the sequel to the original Pink Panther movie. This sequel was released only some months after the original movie had its debut (hence in the year 1964) and this also marks the first movie in which Sellers gave his Inspector the well-known french tongue. I seriously need to find and watch this movie. Not only the really good rank for such an old movie is an indication. It also the fact that in the old days they knew how to write and produce wonderful and funny comedies.

34. Mission Impossible 2

mi2Movie Score: 40.9

Ang Lee and his doves. You know, when I watched MI:2 in cinema I loved every bits and pieces of it. The action was so uber-cool that I was drooling on the floor. Yet, over the years I came to love the original series and its idea of a team of experts who use their brain to win a fight. MI:2 is so off this idea and a pure I-so-love-myself of Tom Cruise that you cannot do anything else than hate it. A short action moment might be cool but it pales astronomically in comparison to a moment when the bad guy realizes how he was framed and pwnd on an epic scale. That’s entertainment and good scriptwriting.

33. Hannibal

hannibalMovie Score: 42.2

Yummy, yummy, yummy I got brain in my tummy and I have a new kiddy friend. I still remember the time Hannibal was released and almost every German newspapers discussed the gore – but not the movie. It was a really weird time. thank god I was old enough to watch Hannibal to get my own impression. In short: I wasn’t impressed. Okay, the gore was fine, the soundtack fantastic but the story was meh. A missing Jodie Foster was another big letdown because I never came to like her replacement.

32. Magnum Force

magnumMovie Score: 42.6

While Dirty Harry (the original movie) had an refreshingly crazy asshole, Magnum Force as a whole simply holds up better. It’s not only the bad guy – who happens to be a cop and makes the plot much more interesting. It’s also the fact that the character of Callahan gets fleshed out by the writers as well as his beliefs and principles. Heck, he he can even show off some investigative skills combined with one nice trick or two. So, rank 32 is very fitting to an old sequel superior in many ways compared to the original movie.

31. Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

homealone2Movie Score: 42.8

Okay, how many times can you loose/forget/whatever your kid? One time is right in the middle of Suspension of Disbelief. But a second time is so off the chart because if that ever happens to your kid, you’d be so right on the edge every time you don’t see him that this would never happen again. Even more so the sequel is a simple rehash of what we’ve seen already, so why bother us? The sole reason for Home Alone 2 ranking 30th is its adjusted and mindblowing 300 million Dollar box office. There are not that many movies in this list with higher numbers. Crazy.

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