Those Hypes! Those Hypes!!!! Arrrrgghhhh!

Originally I didn’t plan on writing anything before or during Christmas. But…I have a confession to make: I can’t stand hypes and anything behind it. In the best case I get suspicious of the hypey-thingy, in the worst case I’d love to kick it off this ball.

I think I have this habit because to me a hype is nothing else than burning love in disguise. You don’t see the weaknesses, you do anything a normal person wouldn’t and you plaster the world around you with the usual lovey-thingy crap nobody wants to hear about.

Many Apple products and the company as a whole are a perfect example. Okay, perhaps I should start to call this phenomena religion than hype because it nothing else (sorry, evangelists). To me the products look cool and are nice, but…they are some freaking pieces of hardware and software for crying out loud!

I have another confession to make: the last weeks weren’t easy for me. Because another hype hit the net and me with full force. Of course, I am writing about Avatar, the newest movie by uber-director James Cameron.

At first I thought more or less the same as all the other guys out there: Finally a new scifi-movie from the guy who made Aliens. Let’s rock and roll. At the beginning I wasn’t suspicious at all because the first news where real news. Anything new was good to see to learn more about it.

But then it happened.

I watched the trailer (a thing that more or less should answer all important questions anyway) and I was not that blown away as I have should been. Well, at least I then knew everything important I should knew (premise, plot, characters, style…) and I was fine with that.

But the net full with movie bloggers kept writing and hyping.

“Here is a new image…from the trailer.” “Look at that awesome movie still and the poster!” “Another news that is none but is because it is about Avatar!!!” “The new Avatar website launched!” “Here are my thoughts about a movie I haven’t seen yet!” etc. etc. etc.

I couldn’t let pass one day without hearing anything “new” about Avatar. And the more headlines I read the more I wanted to kick this movie off this ball. (If nothing else this shows that too much is not good as well as too less).

The final match to light my inner hate and let it burn with the intensity of thousands sun are the posts or PR stuff about Avatar’s box office. Avatar made around 73 million dollar. Not too bad but not too good either judging by the hype. At least I was surprised by the low result – which indicates that normal people don’t give a shit about hypes.

So what do the hyper-people do? Of course, they try anything possible to make it look good. I read something about being one of the best ever – for December. I read something about Avatar having one of the most successful openings ever – for a movie not being a sequel, from another world, from a comic book and so on.

What we all can witness here is something just like any other hype at works which I so friggin’ damn hate. They should simply admit that their hype was simply a hype and the movie good but not the Revelation Of Cameron. Let life go on! Don’t sugarcoat everything. Please!

By the way, the icing on the cake of post-opening hype is the following headline which seems to directly stem from Fox’ PR machinery that perfectly uses this hype (don’t shoot the messenger): $232 million dollar opening weekend for Avatar. Of course, this movie made $232 million in its first weekend – internationally including US. Domestically it still lurks around $73 million dollar.

If someone’s an avid fan he can of course either use this PR stunt to make the numbers look good or he can blame anything and everything for the not-being-three-digits box office weekend (the weather is always good – and I even read that excuse somewhere).

It might sound a little bit harsh but to me it feels kinda good that Avatar didn’t break every record ever from the start. If nothing else this puts back some reality and down-to-earth attitude into this hype-game so many people seem to be so used to. Moreover it proves something very important: Avatar might be great and the new Star Wars for many movie geeks but it nevertheless is still only a movie.

But perhaps I am too harsh on hypes in general and Avatar. What do you think? Would you agree with my statements above, or do think I should readjust my inner sensor for The Hype? Let us know!

By the way, here is a fantastic review from That Guy with Glasses which not only sums up my feeling about Avatar, but also nails the surrounding hype:


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