The Best of madmind 2009

The end of the year is near and soon we have fewer years left until a meteor, alien invasion, malfunctioning earth core, solar eruption or George W. Bush completely destroys humanity in the year 2012.

But don’t think I’d let me (and you) off the hook so easily – until our fated doom I serve you blog posts with a smyle and a heart, even if it’s only list posts to review the past…

Therefore here are the best blog posts of madmind of this year in no particular order. Thank you for your support albeit how small it may be.

Let’s get started!

  • Ten “Plot Holes” and Errors in Wall-E
    This post caused quite a stir in a certain Wall-E fan forum but despite that I firmly keep my stand regarding my observations. I still love Wall-E but plot holes, plot errors, mistakes and blunders still remain in it. But let’s be frank, anything perfect is boring.
  • The most successful Genres of 2008
    If you ever wanted to know which genre fared best – in 2008. Perhaps I will post something similar again despite the work accompanied by it.
  • Why Sequels are a Wise Investment decision
    I hate to admit it, but sequels still are a wise investment decision. Read this post about the why’s.
  • To Disney
    Disney could have remade the industry and started something completely new. Well, could have. This is a rant I wrote after reading some details about the movie which was released some weeks ago.
  • Genius Party Beyond – Moondrive
    a short movie which is part of an anime anthology. Nothing much on the outside but so funny and interesting once seen that I give a wholehearted “Yes” to anyone who asks if he or she should watch it.
  • How to spot a Bad Movie in 1 Minute
    You really don’t need much time to spot a bad movie and you really only need one minute – or less. Read it and you know why.
  • The Top 101 Sequels of All Time
    one of my biggest analyses I’ve done to date. If you want to know which sequel stands where from Evil Dead 2 to The Dark Knight, here you find the answer.
  • Fooly Cooly
    Two words that describe another word: genius. Anyone even slightly interested in highly-imaginative, creative but crazy laugh-fests with a deeper meaning behind everything and a soundtrack to behold, you have really missed something. Fooly Cooly is one of the best. Read this post to learn more about it, get it, watch it! You won’t regret it.
  • A Moment beyond the Alphabet
    Bad acting is bad. Horrible acting is great. Horrible acting in a C-movie is marvelous. This video proves just that.
  • Stupid German Additional Movie Titles
    Germany can be a funny place, at least if you don’t care too much about movie titles. Or about additional movie titles which get plastered under almost every movie title. Head to this post to see some examples which range from funny to wtf.

That’s it! The Best of madmind 2009. I hope I will reach new heights in the next year to further increase your reading pleasure…

Happy New Year!

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