A Shameless Self-Promotion Post for my Selfmade Music Video

Not using this movie blog for some shameless self-promotion is as if James Bond would stop wearing or showing off product placements. Not only would the financial crisis get worse, but also this blog would have one post less to boast on Google.

This cannot happen!!!

On the other hand, is it bad to rely on a double fantasy for men and women to justify ones actions? After I consulted my doctor about it this night (he was thrilled…by my call) and after I asked the buddy cops that arrived some minutes later I knew it: no one gives a shit!

Thanks to them it’s time again for a little bit of creativity. You know, my creativity. You know, my creativity which I snitched from here and there. A little…

I think the internet watchers new-fashioned-ly call this remix. Well, at least it didn’t turn out to be a reboot Hollywood is so hot for. Have fun watching the psychedelic ride…

I hope you survived and enjoyed the trip. For crazy info maniacs like myself who find background stuff more interesting than a action scene filled with good old Ahnold, here are some information regarding the production:

I tinkered with this short movie for about three or four days fulltime. The visual stuff is from Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 – A Space Odyssey (for those people whose knowledge of sci-fi starts and stops with Star Wars), the audio part is from the Fuck Buttons. Yes, they really call themselves the Fuck Buttons. The track I used here is called Colours Move, which gave me the initial idea for this project.

Of course the seasoned special effects viewer of today immediately notices that I mainly worked with an epic amount of layers here. This brought my computer to edge of binary insanity. At times there are up to fifteen layers at work here. Although this sounds nothing for Photoshop freaks like me, doing this stuff for an eight minute long movie is a whole different level of madness.

And now it’s your turn to praise my work of genius in the comments. Don’t hold back. Give it everything you got. Let the Praise of the Mad begin…

(Photo by Beep)

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