An Endureview: Mr. Deeds

I really have to thank Mr. Deeds, I mean, Mr. Sandler for this movie. Thanks to him I found a new form of reviewing. I call it the Endureview which is a combination of “endure” and “review”. Basically this means I will review a movie up to the point my brain exploded from stupidity and I turned off. So, let’s get started…

First urge to turn off?

When Adam Sandler starts singing Bowie’s Space Oddity in the helicopter. (~15 min. mark)

Execution of urge?

Right. At. That. Moment.

Oh boy. This movie is not hard to swallow. It’s impossible to swallow. After 15 minutes I couldn’t continue to watch this shit and ruin my life by wasting my time on it.

One of the most amazing aspects of this finding is, by the way, the fact I once completely watched Mr. Deeds – and didn’t hate it. WTF? Either I was completely wasted at that time or my mind didn’t really mind it. Perhaps I wanted to watch this shit. Oh well…

So what can I possibly write about Mr. Deeds after only 15 minutes. It’s easy because using the sensitive elegance of a sledgehammer the director slams one single – if not the single – cliché into our skullcap: small towns are “yay” while cities are “ugh” filled with morons. The first part of Mr. Deeds starring our much beloved Adam Sandler basically is about nothing else…

Admitted, this particular director/writer was not the first one to introduce us to this shit kind of movie thinking. Just some months ago I was truly blessed to endure such gush in my movie theater of choice (it was a romantic comedy by the way…so much for surprises).

Those kinds of movies always use the same patterns which are in fact that much alike that even a nerdy Star Wars geek wearing glasses of epic proportions would have problems to spot the differences. On the one side we have the big city filled with moronic yuppies. They are smart, good looking and therefore astonishing assholes while wearing the well known “I’m with stupid”-t-shirt pointing to its wearer.

On the other side we have – of course – the small town. The small town is filled with the exact opposite. Here we have a bunch of idiots or weirdo’s of any kind and color but with a heart as big as the Milky Way. Everybody loves everybody. The small town is one big fluffy hug.

Mr. Deeds now not only incorporates this cliché. Mr. Deeds intensifies it to a level by which a multiplication of Jack Nichsolson would be regarded harmless: in a matter of minutes the movie manages to show us of this goddamn cliché!

Adam Sandler of course is the titular Mr. Deeds who is so self-sacrificing and nice and loving and never angry that I thought at one time that I was watching a bad Scientology promo vid. The rest of the town is filled with the already mentioned usual suspects. We get the lusty bunch of seniors, a convict of some kind and a guy who wants to be an actor or a police officer. Of course everyone else is the same loving bunch of $&%!Ӥ.

The big city morons are – of course – the total opposite so I save you the description of them. Just one hint: one of them is a bad female reporter who survives the day by buying shoes. I believe she ends up as the girlfriend of Deeds. So not very surprising…


Okay. Of course the plot doesn’t play out completely in the small town since Deeds is not a millionaire but a billionaire – so he has to leave. Now the moment when Adam Sandler is preparing to leave his Huggy-Town almost reached the level of urge called “turn this shit off” because basically the whole damn city was coming to see him off. It really was borderline.

The moment when the urge to turn off this shit really hit me was the gracious moment of Adam Sandler singing some cheesy Bowie tune. Not only did he do it for no reason at all (I don’t take “I am flying” as an excuse!). No, even the pilots started singing. Why? I didn’t care anymore. I didn’t waste any second.

I turned off this bad cliché in moving pictures.

Did you have the power to endure it completely?

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