Hollywood’s Reboot Madness: The Ultimate Solution

It seems that Hollywood is getting more desperate by the minute to find new stupid reboot ideas to ruin our daily nerves. In case you didn’t know Hollywood plans to reboot the reboot of Superman, wants to reboot Spiderman and reboots Fantastic Four, RoboCop and so many other franchises and wannabe’s.

I think we can all agree that this situation is slowly but surely getting out of hand. The best example truly is Superman which didn’t even scratch the surface of a true trilogy before a new reboot.

But this situation doesn’t have to go on forever. After some thinking I found a simple and straightforward yet ultimate solution to all this reboot madness coming from Hollwood:

Any director or writer can direct or write only one movie to realize his vision or take of a certain franchise. No more, no less.

In other words: every franchise would henceforth consist of a bunch of movies, which have no continuing stories as you might expect from a trilogy or sequels. Each movie creates its own universe and its plot gets wrapped up by the end of its run.

It’s a constant reboot!

No movie would be like the other before it or after it. You wouldn’t need the same actor, or even the same team working on it. Considering this everyone involved could have way more creative freedom in their doing since…hey, what could they possibly loose when it’s only one movie each time?

Of course each studio could lose some good amounts of money, but this problem could be solved immediately by incorporating one single rule: the budget depends on the quality and scope of the script. The better the script more money they get, the bigger the possible audience, the more money they get.

So, if someone wants to make an intimate movie about Superman there should be no problem. Since the scope is small but the script is wonderful, the studio ‘only’ invests $50m. Then the big blockbuster take afterward has a budget of $200 million. And so on.

The studios even could do some surveys or “battles” by which they let the audience decide which script should be filmed next. They could even to multiple versions at the same time, from one independent take to one with the usual big budget…Damn, I am dreaming again…

What do you say? Would you like to see such constant reboots? Or do you have a cooler idea to stop this silly reboot madness?

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