From Paris with Love Review – Kinda

Wouldn’t you also agree that sometimes all you need to be happy is a big fat cheeseburger in a run down restaurant? It doesn’t always have to be a fine dinner – at least to me.

In terms of movies this means that sometimes all I need is a big fat action movie without a complex plot but badass characters showing their badassery in each and every second. Cool stunts, cool one-liners and cool moments. That’s about it.

But I seem to be one of the few, at least when you somehow count me to the folks who professionally review movies, a movie critic…*lolz, rofl etc.*

But you know? There are moments when I totally and truly and simply don’t understand some of the movie critics out there. At least those who seem to be the kind of people who think that movies should always be deep, have rich characters or plots and so on. In other words those movie critics who seemingly only eat in high class restaurants while listening to some fine tunes of Bach.

From Paris with Love is in my eyes one of those moves that unmasks this kind of movie reviewers.


Perhaps I am truly biased towards From Paris with Love. Perhaps the reason is that I only am some stupid movie blogger and not a movie critic because I truly had great fun watching From Paris with Love. Almost from start to finish. It was a high octane action thriller with a cool as shit John Travolta doing cool as shit stuff all the time.

You know, From Paris with Love funnily is exactly that kind of movie I talked with my friends about much needed movies some weeks ago. We came to the conclusion that it’s finally time again for a true, hardcore action flick. The kind of action movie I described above. Nothing more, nothing less. From Paris with Love really is just that – and at the end we all were happy to have watched it.

It’s not that I loved this movie immediately. I didn’t knew what was coming so I was skeptical. But the moment the movie won me over was this fucking vase filled with cocaine. The details really don’t matter but the fact is that for at least twenty minutes the main character drags around this damn vase for reasons beyond him. You could say it’s silly or stupid. But I loved it. It was a nice, simple and funny twist to the usual action formula.


The best of all is that From Paris is Love has more of those small twists. For example the movie cliché of unlimited ammunition. Although they seemingly carry guns with massive rounds, you see john Travolta more than once changing guns during shootouts. Another nice twist is one nameless agent who drives better than any Formula 1 pilot. Oh yeah: and there was not one single moment where I thought the characters act stupid. This is quite an accomplishment for an action flick.

Of course, the story is simple or to be more precise: it’s non-existent with so many coincides that even Tokyo Godfathers would be proud. But who cares? I certainly didn’t because…come on. Since when have high octane action flicks complex plots or deep characters or no coincides? Most often they don’t. Look at Crank and you know what I mean.

As I have written in another post I am a movie watcher you throw anything to. I eat it. The only thing I care is whether a movie can entertain me in one way or another. I don’t care if the movie is complex or simple. One thing I demand, though, is to go full force and to never ever compromise.

Of course, most of the movie critics hated From Paris with Love. Why? The only conclusion I came up with was the fact they only want to eat fine dinner all the time. In other words: deep complex movies with deep characters. Sheeesh!

Here is a message to them from good old madmind: for the love of God, if you don’t like popcorn action flicks then don’ watch them. If you love deep movies, look somewhere else. If you get forced by the editor to watch what you don’t like tell him and let him send another one. And when you feel the dirty urge to watch something you don’t like from the beginning then don’t bother us with your high class talking of stupid plots or flat characters! You know, in my eyes Avatar is basically the same shit as it, too, has a stupid plot and totally flat characters. But somehow most of you movie critics didn’t seem to care in that case. Oh my…


Did From Paris with Love have clichés? Of course, but they also had some nice small twists here and there as I already mentioned, so I didn’t bother. Moreover I never got the feeling of: oh my, another cliché. One reason might be the amazing speed the movie pushed it’s “plot” forward. There was after the slow start almost no pause at all.

Was From Paris with Love complex? Of course not! I knew where the plot was going from the beginning, but I really didn’t fucking care. All I wanted to see were badass characters doing badass stuff in a badass way.

From Paris with Love gave me what I wanted.

From Paris with Love was the big, fat hamburger in a rundown restaurant I so wanted for a long time. Simple, stupid, badass, fun, full of action. Seriously, sometimes I really don’t need more.

Any movie lover who is in the same mood should give this movie a chance. In other words: if you sometimes love …no…need just this should give From Paris with Love a chance.

Everyone else: look somewhere else. Don’t’ even bother thinking about this movie.

And by oh the way: any movie critic who compares From Paris with Love with the remake of Pelham 123 just because John Travolta is playing one vaguely similar character should get a reeeaaallllly good spanking.

What did you think of From Paris with Love? Did you like it or not and do you also sometimes think movie critics are not worth your reading time? (By the way: ignore the fact that I often am exactly the same when I don’t like something most other people love *lol*)

Brainless fun with action. I can live with that.

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