A Post for those who Love Conspiracies

I knew it: They knew it and worked on it for decades. My spider paranoia sense was always tingling and it turns out my crazy paranoia was spot on all the time…

What do I mean? I’m talking about body scanners on airports or the wish to install them everywhere so bad people can find other ways of doing bad things. In Germany they’re called “Nacktscanner” (nude scanner), which seems to be a far better description to me of what’s actually happening in them. But that’s a different plot including some public discussions worth any bad comedy trophy.

Since I first heard about the plans of installing those “gadgets” and learned about their functionality I couldn’t quite pinpoint where I’ve heard or seen that one before. The only thing I knew was that I’ve seen it in a movie.

Finally, after many moons I have the answer thanks to YouTube. Turns out I’ve seen it years and years ago in the comedy spoof sequel Airplane – The Sequel, which takes the usual airplane catastrophe formula and puts it into space.

Well, and in this movie there’s a short scene in which…well, I think it’s better if you simply watch the very short clip:

You see? Airplane – The Sequel was the movie that had the idea of placing body scanners in airports decades ago. I am sure that someone out there knew something – or they simply used the idea proposed in that scene. What’s even better: the scene even shows the problem that arises using them (which then really happened as far as I remember). Come on: they had to know something. They went to the future. I know it.

Or it went this way: scientists or politicians watched a spoof comedy of an airplane disaster in space – and turned it into reality.

That’s what I call surreal.

(I so hope they don’t follow Naked Gun and put Frank Drebin in charge of everything…)

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