Thanks to Kick-Ass I think I get it now

When you’re doing a live-action take of a well known franchise you fight against the hardcore fans as if they’re a bunch of Apple fanbois.

When you’re doing a movie not stemming from a well-known franchise while trying to do something new, you fight against reviewers from newspapers and magazines as if they’re the only ones out there who know what you can and cannot do in a movie.

Kick-Ass mostly resides in the second group and some of the reviews I read prove just that point. Michael Philipps from the Chicago Tribune, Roger Ebert and I am sure many more share all the same: they basically hate it on a moral level that a girl kills and/or gets hit by a bad guy. And that you cannot show this to your kids.

And I am: Heh? WTF? Are you serious? Or simply nuts!?!!

But now I totally get it. It’s not that Hollywood is not able to produce new stuff never seen before. They totally could even though some of that stuff again stems from established franchises. No, the producers simply don’t do that because otherwise you have to fight the Righeous Reviewer Alliance. Not because your movie might be shit. No, it’s simply because of the fact that you crossed some imaginary lines out there, the lines of morality or something like that.

That’s the whole problem we’re facing here.

You know, I am totally on the side of morality and that you cannot show anything and everything. But I am also so sick of the notion that because of this seemingly anything slightly outside the well known becomes impossible. You know, in the past I’ve thought countless times why the bad guy doesn’t hit a girl to win the game. Or simply kills anyone in the room.

Kick-Ass does just that: it presents a bad guy who does not wait for a second to hit a dangerous girl able to kill him with the intention to kill her. It’s absolutely logical and even impossible to do otherwise. Because then the bad guy whould simply have been an idiot. He has no problems killing somebody on the street but stops with a girl? Come on. And just when he does and most of us think: yeah baby, it’s about time, the Righeous Reviewer Alliance comes along the way and screams “foul play!”

Slowly but surely I am so glad that there is anime out there which just does this: not giving a shit about reviewers but thinking only of the viewers and showing them stuff not seen before. In my constant attempt to dive deeper into this world I’ve learned of Higurashi no naku Koro Ni for example. Basically it’s a whole franchise of young teenagers killing each other in ways Kick-Ass can only dream of. I am sure the Righeous Reviewer Alliance (RRA) would run away screaming and demanding censoring the whole thing.

I don’t know what’s with you but I am getting tired of those seemingly A-List Movie Reviewers in newspaper and magazines.

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