Sound Tracks – Ghost of Things to Come (Requiem for a Dream)

Imagine a movie that depicts a world in which dreams and reality are close together. Creatures as big as skyscrapers or as small as flies inhabit this world in which the sun never sets. Think of Big Fish by Tim Burton in full power and put to the extremes (hence the picture above from it). This world is only one blink away, you just have to look. It resides slightly besides our reality. But we lost the ability to see a long time ago.

Enter our hero who has a terrible accident in which his girlfriend dies. He is broken. But then there is something else. He suddenly can see this sideworld. He is frightened of it but he also doesn’t want to return to his life full of misery. He has lost its will to life. Nevertheless this sideworld notices he can notice it and they know he has a problem. So they do the only thing they can do: get on his nerves with questions and tasks he has to accomplish. It’s not that they really need help because this world doesn’t know problems or needs. They fake them. But neither he or the audience knows this until the end. So he unwillingly helps some of those fantastic creatures just to regain his peace. But he can’t as the tasks get bigger.

Before he knows it, he begins a journey to search for a piece of paper which goes around the world – while he never leaves New York. He sees things never seen before and more surreal than anything Dali ever imagined. And although many things get on his nerves on an epic level he starts to love this world, he starts to love those creatures and colorful characters – he starts to regain his will to life.

But then it happens: just as he finds this piece of paper they put him into custody. Although he sees this world so close to our reality, nobody else can. And so everyone saw him acting strange all the time and talking to himself. He didn’t realize that all the normal people could at least see him. But he doesn’t believe that this is all fake or imagination. And if it is, what is so bad about it?

But is he crazy? Of course, the media gets wind of it and when the hearing begins to decide whether or not he should be put into a mental hospital, all of New York watches. Is he right, or is he wrong when he describes this fantastic world full of stuff we dream about and hope to see ourselves? Things don’t look too good for him as the State Attorney proves that nothing was and is there, and that everything is only a result of the accident and his feeling of guilt.

Just as everything seems to be lost for our hero, the sideworld steps in to help him. Some of them enter the court and tell him that they weren’t stupid and knew that something like that would happen. Moreover the same thing already happened once and so they only didn’t interfere to see whether or not he believed what he saw. So after he proved himself they give him the important hint to save his ass: read the piece of paper he was sent out to find. He opens it and reads it out loud: “Just look”.

The incredible happens: the sideworld starts to become visible to everyone. The creatures, the fantastic world, everything. But only for one day. But that doesn’t matter for now. Without any dialogue we see people wondering, laughing and playing. We see media coverage of this incredible stuff and reporters awing at what they see. The reality we know stopped for one day. The world, our reality got colorful again. (Fade to black.)

And now, after you read this hypothetical script I came up with, listen to the following piece of music and imagine it playing over this last sequence I described above, when the world of our dreams enters our reality and everything stops for one day!

One minutes and thirty-three seconds. Only one minute and thirty-three seconds were enough to fire up my imagination and think of a whole movie just to find a conclusion that would fit to this fantastic and beautiful track.

Music really can be that powerful. Even if it’s only one minute and thirty-three seconds long.

(As a side note: I know there are some elements that sound cheesy at best. But with a good writer and director (Tim Burton!!!!!) this could become one of the most imaginative movies in a long time. And yes, I am that confident.)


  • Hi; I’ll take you up on your word about turning this idea into a script.

    First, about me: I’ve read your posts for about a year and a half (ever since I found that post about German movie names and laughed mightily for days after). I have worked a little in the media industry and find it as fascinating as you do; I don’t always share your point of view but I enjoy your reasoning. I would like to sit down and flesh out the idea you just posted, however, I *know* I won’t ever get around to doing it on my own, so I propose a joint effort.
    You can browse my website and blogs and get a better idea of who I am.

    Second, about the script: let’s take, say, two years to finish it. I suppose you’re busy–I’m busy–but two years seems doable. It would be a nice exercise in collaborative authorship and even if we get nowhere it could be fun.

    What do you say? Would it be too complicated? Would you be interested nonetheless? write me an email and let me know.


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