The Best Action Scene Ever

The following clip is from a Bollywood movie called Alluda Majaka. Anyone who regularly watches YouTube videos should recognize the face of actor Chiranjeevi, as this guy emerges everytime you search for “Bollywood” “action scene” or similar stuff.

And boy does he deliver in this video!

In a way he’s the one who comes closest to our holy action god Chuck Norris. Of course there’s still a margin of the size of a galaxy between both since Chuck Norris can walk on air and once destroyed a black hole just by shouting at it.

Nevertheless, having a horse slide underneath a car and riding through glass panes where you’d normally place doors and riding between a bunch of strategically extremely well placed cars is epic, too.

Watch and marvel:


  • Vander

    This is NOT!! a Bollywood film. This is a scene from a Telugu film, which is definitely not Bollywood. Bollywood refers only to the Hindi films that come out of Bombay, and not the hundred of films in other languages that are made all over India.

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