I just read a post of Hunter Duesing on WWTW in which he talks about the recent news surrounding the latest installment of Nolan’s Batman franchise – and the reaction of the fans towards it. Because I found this article very insightful as it nailed down what I was thinking during reading anyways, I decided to give my two cents to this whole matter.

As you might know, the recent news regarding the main antagonists in The Dark Knigh Rises started quite some fan hate. It’s basically the same pattern that happened during the production of The Dark Knight. Well, we all know by now is that The Dark Knight is one of The Best Movies Ever, at least according to IMDB, most reviewers and most of the fans. So what does this tell us about the current speculation and hate of the fans and more importantly the news itself?

It’s simple.

Don’t give a shit!

This is one of the main reasons why you won’t find (very much) movie news on this blog. Why should I banter about a product I haven’t even seen yet? It’s not worth it. Be it some images, production notes, casting information and so on. All this stuff can give some hints about how good or bad a certain movie might become. But they are hints nonetheless. They’re not proof. See The Dark Knight as an example and the hate it received for casting Heath Ledger as Joker. To be frank, this news raised my eyebrow for a second when it reached me. Could Heath Ledger pull it off? I didn’t know because I couldn’t imagine it.

But right at that moment when this nagging begins, anyone (especially the fans of a franchise) should do one thing I do most of the time: stop thinking about it. Why should you give a shit or make a fuss? During a production the director and the studio are at the helm. Not me. Not you. Not the fan. They have to decide and they make decisions. All the time. Will they turn out to be good, as happened with Heath Ledger? Or bad, as happened with M. Night Shyamalan? We don’t know yet.

The only thing you and I and we all can do is to give a production the benefit of the doubt regardless of how devastating some images or news might sound at first. In short you have to not give a shit. It’s hard to do this, I know that very well. But it won’t change a thing. The only thing you waste is your time or worse.

You know, whether or not a production team and production studio made the right decision should be determined when the movie a.k.a. the finished product is released and we all can see it. In other words: that is Judgment Day. When you have seen the movie you can start to praise it or hate it.

I certainly am someone who doesn’t give a shit about a production team when they messed up. They had the chance to make the right decisions. Don’t expect me to be humble or nice when this happens.

But up to this point I remain silent. And more importantly: up to this point I don’t read many news if at all.

I think that others should do the same.

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