The Dilemma (Movie Review)

What a piece of crap!

Not only did I constantly ask myself whether this shit was a comedy or a drama, I also got no sympathy whatsoever for Vince Vaughn’s character Ronny and his “dilemma”. Therefore, my patience for all the mess going on was zero.

For the record: The Dilemma is about said Ronny who discovers shortly before a very important business presentation that his best friend’s and business partner’s wife is cheating on him. Since his friend tends to break down at even the slightest pressure, he doesn’t know whether or not he should tell him.

As you already might have guessed correctly, this premise leads to a sequence of lot of awkward, long, boring and unfunny scenes the creators miraculously thought would be funny as hell. Or be some dramatic drama? Either way I had no patience at all for this crap, especially Vince Vaughn’s characters constant act of massive stupidities.

For example, instead of simply waiting until the big day is over and then be able to tell his friend the truth, Ronny confronts Nick’s wife with the truth. Why? I don’t know. The only guess I can make is that the creators needed something to make things more interesting than shoving a camera into the face of a guy angsting around. Well, at least I knew that Ronny read the script in advance because otherwise he couldn’t have been sure that the wife wouldn’t tell Nick the truth one day later after she knows the cat is out of the bag.

Who wrote this piece of shit? And Ron Howard directed this?

He must have done it for money alone. There cannot be any other explanation because nothing was thought out in the slightest. Besides the shitty characters this also gets painfully obvious with all those crappy Apple products shoved into the frame as much and as often as possible. Hello? This is a fucking start up! Who with a right mind – especially engineers who don’t need some good screens – wastes his money on such stuff? The highlight for me was the moment they even showed someone using a fucking iPad , although the guy was surrounded by Apples already.

Think about it. That’s a start up business with no apparent income by some guys who don’t know for sure whether or not they will succeed with their innovation. I knew what I’d do with the sparse money and it certainly wouldn’t be Apple.

But why am I bitching about this stuff anyway? The movie wastes no second to show us that there is no financial problem whatsoever. Ronny walks around with ten thousand bucks, drives a cool muscle car and lives in a big apartment, while the start up itself resides in something I can only describe as a really costly designer loft. But at the same time Nick get furious because of some request for a loan his partner has to sign so they have money. Eh, what?

Where the heck is the realism in this crap? How the heck am I supposed to care for those guys when they’re living as if they’re millionaires already? Judging by their standard of living it didn’t seem as if the project was their last hope. Here’s a note for the production team: when there’s no goddamn horrible consequence for those guys if their Big Dream fails, the whole dilemma in The Dilemma vaporizes into nothingness! It’s as simple as that! Do you get it?

Sheesh, I need some beer now!


The Dilemma is one of the worst movies I’ve seen in a while! From start to finish it’s a mess somewhere between comedy and drama, while the dilemma is non-existent to me and Vince Vaughn’s character acts stupid all the time.

Nauseant in widescreen format.


  • “the dilemma” was a massive letdown
    it was one of the unfunniest misjudged comedies I’ve seen in a long time.
    The pace was just wrong throughout, the cast unlikable and the direction virtually invisible (in a bad way!).
    Sorry, but I’ve just got terribly bored and NEVER felt the balance between comedy and drama was well handled.

    here’s my review

  • Not good. Expected so much more from Vaughn and James.

  • Not good. Expected so much more from Vaughn and James.

  • jack

    This movie was tragic. Not a tragic comedy. Just plain tragic. I cannot believe I wasted my time watching this.

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