Jumper Movie Review
27 Jul 2011   Reviews

Jumper Movie Review

Well, it’s not an epic waste of time.

It seems to be common nowadays to film scripts as soon as they’re first or second drafts because I couldn’t help but feel a little bit lost in the chaos I watched.

It already starts at the beginning. I was amazed and confused to see that the creators didn’t decide to focus entirely on Hayden Christensen (who seemed to be in his Star Wars acting mode by the way) and how he awakes his powers. Instead the first act entirely focuses on the character in his younger age who doesn’t even look similar to Hayden. Jumper nevertheless revolves around the awakening but in the worst way possible because there’s so few background information given that I didn’t start to care about him.

Then the movie jumps forward several years where he developed his powers and gained a life on his own off screen. Okay, but the question is: why? Why did it jump forward in time? The only reason seems to be to have finally Hayden in the movie (and not only written on the posters) but other than that I don’t see a reason. In fact, it would have been way more interesting to not jump forward because after he robbed the bank for the first time it would have been the perfect setup for a worldwide chase filled with high tension and pressure. By jumping forward, that tension is completely lost.

Samuel L. Jackson is totally wasted as a character here, no cool acting can sugarcoat that. Not only is he almost never on screen but when he is, he only blubbers some pretentious bullshit I don’t care about. Funnily enough, Samuel L. Jackson isn’t even the only antagonist in this movie because two thirds into the movie, Hayden suddenly plays tag with his fellow jumper over a bomb. That guy, by the way, is essentially wasted, too. We learn nothing about him, he only serves as a temporary antagonist and a way to give Hayden and us viewers some exposition about the overall situation.

No, this movie isn’t really worth to be recommended, at most I’d say you can watch it on DVD or TV when there’s nothing else you can do or watch. The really sad thing is that there was big potential in all of this. The setup is intriguing and could’ve lead to an ever-expanding franchise. Who knows, perhaps someone might create a series franchise out of this now that Stargate is off the air.

Chaotic mess that doesn’t live up to its potential


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