Since the whole world seems to be fixated on Star Wars these days here’s a quick rundown of my impressons of Star Wars Episode VII – The Force Awakens:

The good:

  • - The humor is sometimes great even fantastic. I loved the scene were two Stormtroopers wisely avoided a raging Kylo Ren. The moment when the Wall-E knockoff was doing a thumbs up with its torch was the best one of the movie
  • - The effects are well done
  • - The Stormtroppers finally can hit something in front of them
  • - The Midichlorians were never mentioned. On the contrary the force was again portrayed as something mystical. It’s as if Episodes 1 to 3 never happened

The mediocre/bad:

  • - Was there any original idea in this movie?  Let me give a short sublist of stuff they copied from the old Star Wars films:
    • ° A map is the McGuffin of the plot
    • ° A droid escapes with the map
    • ° First part of the movie takes place on a desert planet
    • ° Main character lives on the desert planet
    • ° Main character gets introduced to the lore by a father figure / mentor
    • ° The Wall-E knockoff BB-8 is also a R2D2 knockoff
    • ° Darth Vader is back again – this time as a whiny brat with a helmet
    • ° The brat is of course a former Jedi who killed all other Jedi in his vicinity as soon as he changed sides
    • ° The Emperor became the big holoogram guy
    • ° The Empire became the First Order (whatever that is)
    • ° The rebellion is also back again
    • ° The brat receives orders from a hologram as did Vader
    • ° The General feels very similar to the Commander of the first Death Star
    • ° As was Vader in Episode IV, the brat is a part of a bigger story and not the all commanding supersoldier
    • ° The Death Star is here again and bigger than ever. Let’s call it Death Star 3
    • ° Death Star 3 destroys a planet to show off its power. Nothing of consequence is happening afterwards as did happen with Alderaan
    • ° Death Star 3 gets blown up because of a technical weakness as did Death Stars 1 and 2
    • ° Of course, the final fight is a race against time, before Death Star 3 can destroy the rebellion with its superweapon
    • ° Some X-Wings fly in a ravine to the important target to destroy Death Star 3
    • ° Leia stands in the command centre listening to everything and hoping for the best
    • ° Han Solo is on the run
    • ° The cantina is back – even the musicians are the same
    • ° Yoda became the female alien of the new cantina
    • ° The brat is walking in a dark alley like Darth Vader did in Luke’s vision
    • ° The girl is kidnapped
    • ° The ‘confrontation’ between Han Solo and the brat is happening like the confrontation between Darth Vader and his son: over a large, endless pit
    • ° Speaking of pits: Someone falls to his (presumed) death. How many times did that happen? I count four: Darth Maul fell down an endless pit, as did Luke, the emperor and now Han Solo
    • ° A father figure dies
    • ° The brat most likely survives as did Vader
    • ° All hardware (X-Wings, Tie fighters, Star destroyers etc.) is more or less unchanged from the previous episodes IV to VI
  • - Ray is a wasted and boring character. From the beginning she was portrayed as the perfect superhero – and thus got no room for growth or change. For example, she was able to immediately understand all technical elements of the Millenium Falcon. She also could fly the Millenium falcon amazingly well from the get go. She was better than the guy who lived on it for years. She could also use the force without any training whatsoever and wield the lightsaber as if it were nothing special. She could fight and more or less win against the new Darth Vader – who in turn becomes a joke of an antagonist. Seriously…the girl who didn’t even know she could use the force until some mere minutes earlier was immediately able to win against a dude who learnt the ways of the force for years from the best…Yeah, sure.
  • - Finn was a total waste of time and potential. As in the trailer he “wakes” up and is a good guy. There was no inbetween or gradual change. He just decided he didn’t want this despite receiving brainwashing since childhood.
  • - What is First Order? When, how and why did they become a thing? How could they build Death Star 3? How can they even exist? Are they supported by the Republic? I don’t know, all of that stuff was never explained.
  • - Because the film focuses on two outsiders we viewers basically start off from scratch and on the outside as well. Instead, the focus should have been on one of the main characters from the old movies because so much stuff in terms of broken relationships and tragedies are left unexplained or were presented in a superficial and thus boring manner.

There is certainly more I could write about but this is the gist of it. Star Wars Episode VII – The Force Awakens is mindless popcorn entertainment at best and the quality certainly does not justify the massive financial success of the movie.

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