What is madmind? Who is madmind? Who cares?

For hours now I have been grappling with this %$&$§/ about me page to answer this very question since everybody out there who runs a blog marketing blog tells me I have to.

Suddenly it obviously made “click”:

Wait a minute…this is a blog called “madmind” that doesn’t give a f*cking sh*t about some f***ing mainstream s**t! Why should I or madmind care for a boring “About Me” page which only repeats what you already know for hours if not even minutes by now?

madmind is not sophisticated, it is not that obscure that you need to read some course materials until you get it. Because madmind simply is about just one thing:

movies (and anime).

I want to write about movies I care about positively or negatively and entertain you – my fellow blog readers – as good as possible when doing so. Perhaps I will even help you finsing a new gem in your movie collection you never cared about before.

Of course, this only is the public and morally acceptable part of my goals. My true goal is the totally cliché sounding world domination. This blog called madmind only is the first step to achieve this goal. Where Mr. Blofeld and the other sissies failed I will succeed. Soon the world will be in my hands! Mwuhahahahahaha…

Did I just write this aloud?