The Matrix as a Movie Poster

by Gunther Heinrich, 18 Apr 2009 in Creative

Yesterday I was reminded of the 10th birthday of the well-known Matrix movie franchise that happened some days ago. The news of this birthday happened to be an immediate trigger in my mind for something related to it: an image.

Songsmith Unleashed

by Gunther Heinrich, 6 Feb 2009 in Creative iFound

Never publish anything on the net. Chances are high that the worldwide community takes it and does something completely unexpected.

The newly released (beta / test) software from Microsoft called SONGSMITH is such an example of unexpectedness. The original purpose of this app is to “generate musical accompaniment to match a singer’s voice”. In other words: it’s Karaoke inverted.

Microsoft released this app some weeks ago and what is the result so far? Instead of singing yourself, the community threw this purpose into the bin, takes popular songs, extracts the voice track and let Songsmith do the rest. That’s Karaoke inverse engineered.

Here’s my personal favorite, before and after:

Some might call this silly. I call it creativity unleashed because

Ode to the Critic

by Gunther Heinrich, 9 Dec 2008 in Creative

Oh Critic, how are you fine.

you make me smile, you make me whine.

Whenever I search in the darkest night

you come along and shine a light.

You teach me idiot with high class

what to watch and what to pass.

You talk and write and foam and scream

about some things that seem so gleam.

Your opinion, that’s for sure

is the best, so clean, so pure.

So we shut up and don’t object,

because we are nothing, we are abject.

And in the end when all is read

we know one thing: you are the Critic. You are the head.

Life really is the best source for writing

by Gunther Heinrich, 13 Nov 2008 in Creative

This title might sound like a bad joke at first because ideally, most movies are best written with real life in mind. Yet with all those bad romantic comedies with their massive amount if WTF-moments and bad horror movies it seems that many have forgotten this very obious rule.

A scene you will never see in a movie

by Gunther Heinrich, 21 Oct 2008 in Creative


John emerges from the eerie woods behind him, running for his life, his right arm stained in blood. The fast footsteps echo through the dead grass around him.

Frantically and gasping he searches the surroundings for something to hide. After mere seconds his eyes are glued on a shallowly lit barn which best days are long past.

As John changes his course a dark figure in farmer cloths jumps out from the woods behind him. The metal of the bloody knife is flashing as the silent figure sprints through the grass like lightning.