Thanks to Kick-Ass I think I get it now

by Gunther Heinrich, 18 Apr 2010 in General Things

When you’re doing a live-action take of a well known franchise you fight against the hardcore fans as if they’re a bunch of Apple fanbois.

When you’re doing a movie not stemming from a well-known franchise while trying to do something new, you fight against reviewers from newspapers and magazines as if they’re the only ones out there who know what you can and cannot do in a movie.

The Best of madmind 2009

by Gunther Heinrich, 30 Dec 2009 in General Things The Movie & Me

The end of the year is near and soon we have fewer years left until a meteor, alien invasion, malfunctioning earth core, solar eruption or George W. Bush completely destroys humanity in the year 2012.

But don’t think I’d let me (and you) off the hook so easily – until our fated doom I serve you blog posts with a smyle and a heart, even if it’s only list posts to review the past…

Therefore here are the best blog posts of madmind of this year in no particular order. Thank you for your support albeit how small it may be.

Let’s get started!

Do you want to know how to know if a movie is mediocre at best and an unimaginable pile of shit at worst? And do you want to spot it fast?

Of course there are many ways to spot one of those “bad movies” out there. You can read reviews in magazines or blogs (like mine). Or you can even read some books about the art of film-making so you spot bad movies faster than the normal movie goer.

While those approaches are all valid and good there’s one easy way that’s amazingly fast. It only takes one minute – if at all. And you don’t have to read any text beforehand.

Madmind-driven Technology Porn

by Gunther Heinrich, 6 Aug 2009 in General Things

Do you see it on this website? No? Look closer. It’s not far away.



Then let me explain…

The only statistics you can trust are those you falsified yourself.

Today I stumbled upon an interesting post on Slashfilm that deals with the various box offices of every Harry Potter movie from 1 to 5. While the different box offices’ up and downs is cool to look at, there’s one problem in that post which urges me to write about it in more detail since I often use statistics and hence feel some sort of obligation: the proper way to create charts.