A little bit of Ekova with Starlight in Daden

by Gunther Heinrich, 27 May 2009 in iFound

Originally I planned to write a small rant about the current situation of Hollywood with its unlimited flow of movie remakes, reboots and sequels.

Then I stumbled across a piece of music that made me change my plans.

Audi Filter Ad: Smoke never looked nicer

by Gunther Heinrich, 13 Apr 2009 in iFound

I just found this stunning advertising done by a German agency for a big car company. Whoever thought that ads have to be all about noise and visual clutter need to see this. It is simple, basic and beautiful at the same time. You could say it is a gem in the mud called advertising.

Songsmith Unleashed

by Gunther Heinrich, 6 Feb 2009 in Creative iFound

Never publish anything on the net. Chances are high that the worldwide community takes it and does something completely unexpected.

The newly released (beta / test) software from Microsoft called SONGSMITH is such an example of unexpectedness. The original purpose of this app is to “generate musical accompaniment to match a singer’s voice”. In other words: it’s Karaoke inverted.

Microsoft released this app some weeks ago and what is the result so far? Instead of singing yourself, the community threw this purpose into the bin, takes popular songs, extracts the voice track and let Songsmith do the rest. That’s Karaoke inverse engineered.

Here’s my personal favorite, before and after:

Some might call this silly. I call it creativity unleashed because

Zombie Logic on a whole new Level

by Gunther Heinrich, 8 Jan 2009 in iFound


Logic is something you normally cannot expect in a horror movie. Or in a moment that is filled with horror. Take our poor friends called Zombies as an example. Each time someone in a movie sees our friendly rotten meat crawling, he runs away. Some might say this is logical.

Up to now I would have said the same.

But not anymore. And so will you after you watch the most hilarious 38 seconds ever produced regarding Zombies – from a direction many would never expect.

The Neverending Search for Crap

by Gunther Heinrich, 29 Dec 2008 in iFound

Do you remember moments in the past when you were searching for some information but couldn’t find anything coming close? And do you wonder why I am writing about this? Well, before I give you the answer, let’s start with the search for information.