AKIRA live action project moving forward

by Gunther Heinrich, 21 Feb 2008 in Movie News

Creative Commons License photo credit: yotambientengosuperpoderes

It is almost impossible to believe but it seems that the AKIRA project is finally moving forward. According to the news bits of Hollywood Reporter and AintItCool News it seems that really big names are now attached to the project: Leonardo DiCaprio (who will play Kaneda, the gang leader) and Joseph Gordon Levitt (who will play Testuo, the one who freaks out).

But there is a small tidbit of information that really blew me out of my shoes: they will relocate the movie from the imaginary Neo Tokyo in Japan to New Manhattan in America (which was uilt by Japanese money).

While I …

The new Batman Anime

by Gunther Heinrich, 21 Feb 2008 in Animation Movie News

Creative Commons License photo credit: Alternatewords

When you head over to a recent news post at Cartoon Brew, you will learn that there currently is a truly intruiging project in the works: Batman Animated. Or better Batman animated by Japanese Directors. Or in other words: Batman Anime.


Out of all the superheroes we have today I find Batman the most interesting one (I gladly ignore the abysmal series of the 60s *shudder*). For the most part this is due to his darker nature and hence darker tone/atmosphere of the stories that revolve around him (I gladly ignore the abysmal Batman Forever and Batman&Robin movies *shudder*). Personally I always

John Alvin and his Poster Art

by Gunther Heinrich, 10 Feb 2008 in Movie News The Movie & Me

One thing is for sure: the difference between Poster Art and Cover Art of the same movies most often cannot be bigger. While I often watch full of awe the things hanging down from the walls I am most often not amused by those “things” I see on many DVD Covers.

My personal “Cover of Hate” is the terrible DVD Cover Art for Matrix Revolutions which simply photoshops together all four different (and wonderful) single sheet posters (and is one reasons why I started to create some of my own poster/cover art of famous movies).

I can almost see the discussion going on for the DVD Cover Art of Matrix 3:

Manager 1: Well, well, we have a draw. Each poster got a vote. Now, what should

Awards and Animation

by Gunther Heinrich, 9 Feb 2008 in Animation Movie News

Thanks to Kevin Koch and his blog post I not only got reminded of those various awards (BAFTA and Oscar anyone?) going on but he also delivered a list of all nominees this year. Of course I am talking about the animation categories at the moment. I sadly didn’t write anything about animation at all in the last few weeks (with the exception of my personal 3D short). So I take this good chance to, well, write something about the nominees and some that are missing.

Kevin already mentions it in his post but it is nevertheless interesting that each animated short is listed only once throughout the awards. I guess this is partly due to the politics and reasoning. One example is the short THE PEARCE SISTERS with

Will the Pixar Factor save 3D?

by Gunther Heinrich, 4 Nov 2007 in Animation Movie News

While I think that most of the more recent examples of 3D animated movies show some lack of inspiration I start to believe that Pixar could be the company that will save 3D animation from the fate its 2D counterpart had to bear…

Buy Big and Large at Buy n Large

Buy n Large is a rather interesting example of a big company selling great and cool product to its customers. Their website is nicely done and modern. The only drawback? Well, this company doesn’t exist. Or better: doesn’t exist yet.

The website of this future company is completely faked, created by the genius minds from Pixar for a viral marketing campaign and as my blog post shows, it is successful in its goal (*lol*, where is my money…!!)

Imagination vs. Safe