The Reinvention of Madmind

by Gunther Heinrich, 31 Aug 2008 in Off-Topic

Imagine a shop. And you are standing in front of it. The windows are dusty and the teller, who sits in front, has seen way better days. The room inside is dark, some lights are off, many are flickering. The small amount of light hits not many or new products in display. It’s a rundown place, that’s for sure. But you enter the shop out of sheer curiosity. You are searching for something interesting. Then you notice am escalator. You take it down and after your ride down you can’t believe what you see: a well lit place filled with people and products. It’s almost a different world – which you almost missed.

And the name of the shop is

No, wait, that’s not completely true anymore. The name is the

Number 100. Yay!

by Gunther Heinrich, 29 May 2008 in Off-Topic

This post marks the moment this blog goes from two digits to three digits in terms of numbers of posts.

If you think I use this once in a lifetime chance to write something epic you massively underestimate the human capability to waste his luck for nothing.

So, the only thing I have to say is


So, as you have read, I finally found a title for my upcoming 3D animated short movie (Yay). But this was not enough for me.

Since naming a movie is somehow similar to naming a child (in the poetic sense) I decided to accompany this milestone with a new design. Not only for this blog, but also for my whole website. Which is somehow reasonable since both use the same design. Or to be more precise, this blog’s design is inherited by the main page design.

Well, whatever. Enough techy talk.

Although I have to admit that from a functional standpoint the visual update is no groundbreaking new ground in website design, I think it is by far better than the “old” one.

If you have followed madmind for some time you might have

High Art and Low Technology

by Gunther Heinrich, 9 Mar 2008 in Off-Topic

When you are living in the wonderful spheres of high art in any form you can expect some truly harsh landing in the cruel world of low technology.

Yesterday I finally started to finish a long-going project of mine, a THX spoof short which saw its birth three(!!) years ago. The idea to this short movie came to me when I could’t stand the original one anymore after weeks and weeks of the same THX trailer I had to sit through. No sooner said than done I began to work on it. Yet at that time I wanted to make a full short movie of about two minutes length only equipped with the opening joke. Since I couldn’t find anything else I stopped the project and finally forgot it. Yesterday I

Four days and no posts about nothing

by Gunther Heinrich, 12 Jan 2008 in Off-Topic

Four days are a very long time if you think in electronics, computers and internets. And in this regard those four days are way too long for this blog and my writing habits. But this doesn’t mean I did nothing, quite the contrary.

In the last few days I worked on my general webpage, generating more than 30 new sites for my various 3D images (character, scenery, sketches) and 2D images (cover designs). Before that, when you clicked on an image, it was simply downloaded. Now you get the image with some additional information in a design that fits the overall look.

Regarding my 3D short movie project I am still on track and the fact that I kicked the backstory to where it belongs really helped me. Nevertheless I still