The Year 2007 of in Review

by Gunther Heinrich, 31 Dec 2007 in Off-Topic

Time is fleeting…madness takes control…

It is almost unbelievable how fast time is running and the 31st of December is everytime a nice reminder of this essential truth we all forget during other times. This also applies to this blog and this homepage in general.

This domain/webpage,, is now online for at least four to five years (I cannot remeber the exact date of registration anymore). And compared to the time it is amazing how few non-blog-related content I was able to upload to this site. As I was redesigning this site completely in August I went into me and thought about the reasons for he lack of updates. After some time I was able to spot the problem: it tried to add too sophisticated images and content in general.

Are first person shooter bound to die?

by Gunther Heinrich, 19 Nov 2007 in Off-Topic

Slowly but surely I start to like Digg. It is Web 2.0 or better Web 1.0 on speed.

A Digg user sent me a link to a very interesting post on Angr Robot in which he states that the genre of first person shooter is bound to die because for some reasons. The two most important arguments of him are: you get motion sickness and it is too complicated for newbie gamers.

First, the newbie problem.

First person games and newbie gamers

Although I can relate to the problem of complex controlling situations I also know that this is a problem each and every interface has – not only game interfaces. And the success of Apple because of their well designed UI’s are a good example for the lack of good designs in

Why I love the Internet

by Gunther Heinrich, 7 Nov 2007 in Off-Topic

After reading my regular newpaper websites, I strolled around the net (or better: my well known bookmarks) and finally go to the blog of John K. There I not only noted but also read the very interesting (and in many ways insightful) post about flash vs. traditional animation vs asia.

Since I was hooked up I went to the original blog post and its discussion John K refers to and read it with its insightful and yet mildly controversial thoughts.

While reading the various pro and contra and in betweens regarding flash and traditional animation in the comments the post stirred, I came across a comment containing a link to the website of Adam Philips. Somehow I went with the flow and clicked it.

On this site I noted

Is there anything better to restart/reboot a long orphaned blog than a trailer competition for the movie ‘The Nines’? No!

I have to admit it. For about, well, at least 5 to 6 months I did NOTHING regarding this blog or my personal website. But it is not that I wouldn’t have liked to do or write something. The simple reason is that I simply didn’t have much time. But I hope that the time of electronic starvation is over. If you have visited my website in the last few days you already might have noticed the subtle changes I made *lol* in order to restart my webpage.

But how could I restart my blog? Was there a cool idea in my head? Not really, emptiness was everywhere. But there was no

Call me genius – I created a new word

by Gunther Heinrich, 3 Nov 2006 in Off-Topic

I just found out one really cool little thing on Google.

With my rant about the movie Severance I, in fact, created a new word. At least for Google. And this word is ‘slamedy’. My post is the first and only listing.
I can’t think of anything cooler than this at the moment.

It also shows that Google is rather fast to index my blog. This is another cool fact.

Oh boy. If you could see my smile you’d think I’ve gone crazy.