Star Wars Episode VII – The Force Awakens

by Gunther Heinrich, 23 Dec 2015 in Reviews

Since the whole world seems to be fixated on Star Wars these days here’s a quick rundown of my impressons of Star Wars Episode VII – The Force Awakens:

The good:

– The humor is sometimes great even fantastic. I loved the scene were two Stormtroopers wisely avoided a raging Kylo Ren. The moment when the Wall-E knockoff was doing a thumbs up with its torch was the best one of the movie
– The effects are well done
– The Stormtroppers finally can hit something in front of them
– The Midichlorians were never mentioned. On the contrary the force was again portrayed as something mystical. It’s as if Episodes 1 to 3 never happened

The mediocre/bad:

– Was there any original idea in this movie?  Let me give a short sublist of stuff …

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