From Paris with Love Review – Kinda

by Gunther Heinrich, 24 Mar 2010 in Reviews

Wouldn’t you also agree that sometimes all you need to be happy is a big fat cheeseburger in a run down restaurant? It doesn’t always have to be a fine dinner – at least to me.

In terms of movies this means that sometimes all I need is a big fat action movie without a complex plot but badass characters showing their badassery in each and every second. Cool stunts, cool one-liners and cool moments. That’s about it.

But I seem to be one of the few, at least when you somehow count me to the folks who professionally review movies, a movie critic…*lolz, rofl etc.*

But you know? There are moments when I totally and truly and simply don’t understand some of the movie critics out there. At least those who seem to be the kind of people who think that movies should always be deep, have rich characters or plots and so on. In other words those movie critics who seemingly only eat in high class restaurants while listening to some fine tunes of Bach.

From Paris with Love is in my eyes one of those moves that unmasks this kind of movie reviewers.

Akira Review

by Gunther Heinrich, 20 Mar 2010 in Anime Reviews

Akira is the anti-thesis to Disney in any way you can think of.

In other words: you can take almost anything except animation and the negative version is Akira. Where Disney is easy to understand, Akira is hard to understand. Where Disney is fluffy, Akira is hard as a brick. Where Disney animates people as if they are bad over-acting actors, Akira is about realistic animation. Where Disney is “for children”, Akira is for adults etc etc pp ad nauseam, I think you get the picture.

I really can understand that Akira, at the time of its release in 1988, blew the mind of western audiences.

Basically this is also the reason you have to watch Akira, even if you don’t like anime or animation. Even with all its flaws Akira is not called a landmark animation, even a classic, for no reason.

An Endureview: Mr. Deeds

by Gunther Heinrich, 28 Feb 2010 in Reviews

I really have to thank Mr. Deeds, I mean, Mr. Sandler for this movie. Thanks to him I found a new form of reviewing. I call it the Endureview which is a combination of “endure” and “review”. Basically this means I will review a movie up to the point my brain exploded from stupidity and I turned off. So, let’s get started…

First urge to turn off?

When Adam Sandler starts singing Bowie’s Space Oddity in the helicopter. (~15 min. mark)

Execution of urge?

Right. At. That. Moment.

Oh boy. This movie is not hard to swallow. It’s impossible to swallow. After 15 minutes I couldn’t continue to watch this shit and ruin my life by wasting my time on it.

One of the most amazing aspects of this finding is, by the way, the fact I once completely watched Mr. Deeds – and didn’t hate it. WTF? Either I was completely wasted at that time or my mind didn’t really mind it. Perhaps I wanted to watch this shit. Oh well…

So what can I possibly write about Mr. Deeds after only 15 minutes. It’s easy because using the sensitive elegance of a sledgehammer the director slams one single – if not the single – cliché into our skullcap: small towns are “yay” while cities are “ugh” filled with morons. The first part of Mr. Deeds starring our much beloved Adam Sandler basically is about nothing else…

A Review of Tokyo Godfathers

by Gunther Heinrich, 4 Feb 2010 in Anime Reviews

You know, I don’t want so much from life. There are only some things I wish for – a good  and entertaining movie is such a thing. Hence I love each and every movie that just gets this one thing right that entertains me, makes me laugh or wonder. As I recently had again to learn with Avatar this is rare nowadays. But it’s not impossible. Because where Avatar failed so miserably Tokyo Godfathers succeeded.

Tokyo Godfathers blasts Avatar to atomic dust to with its funny and lovable characters, with its simple yet engaging story. Even more: it does it so well I even don’t care about the deus ex machinas and some other small problems it has.

My Review of Avatar

by Gunther Heinrich, 22 Jan 2010 in Reviews

I finally gave up. After all of my friends nagged me to watch James Cameron’s Avatar I finally let my rejection flow away and go to my cinema of choice.

Since everyone is praising Avatar as the new holy grail of movies I will take my time here and rip this thing to shreds talk about my humble impressions and why some elements just don’t live up to the hype. (Be aware of spoilers (see flag on the left of the title) and length of post)