I just came back from my voyage to a world full of 3D animated figures posing as humans and monsters. After some thought I can say that I liked it, nothing more, nothing less. It was nice movie but nothing I would kill for or watch again – which is really sad because it blew so many chances.

Monsters vs. Aliens (MvA), dear writers, had the chance to really gain some land against the gods called Pixar and do some extremely funny and stylish stuff but unfortunately the result fails in some ways too often.

Fooly Cooly

by Gunther Heinrich, 27 Mar 2009 in Anime Reviews

Wwell, I can count the occasions on one hand when I sit there, robbed of all my thoughts and words because of the awesomeness I just have witnessed. Thanks to Fooly Cooly, the counter went up by 1.

God dammit, Pixar!

by Gunther Heinrich, 27 Sep 2008 in Analyses Reviews

Why did you have to produce WALL•E? And why did you have to deliver such a wonderful result? And why did you have to release this movie just when I am about to create my own short movie about a small robot trying to fulfill its dreams?

Why???? Dammit!

Is focused better?

by Gunther Heinrich, 29 Jul 2008 in Reviews

Yesterday I went into a movie. It was an Italian movie whose title I don’t remember anymore. I think I never knew it to begin with. It was about some guitarist guy who seemed to be in a midlife crisis sort of situation and therefore visited his family full of psychos and problems. After the movie was over, I left the cinema with my friends. But didn’t talk very much because I was puzzled.

About what was this movie about? This was the question that simply didn’t leave my head. It was in no way a movie with no story. It had one, I think. And it was not a movie without a conflict going on to tell its story. Because there was some conflict, no, there was a lot of

Batman goes east – A review of GOTHAM KNIGHT

by Gunther Heinrich, 8 Jul 2008 in Reviews


It seems that the experiment called THE ANIMATRIX paid of somehow, as the powers that be made another joint effort, combining again the writing power of the west with the animation power of the east. The result is GOTHAM KNIGHT, a movie consisting of six separate segments, each one with a different take on Batman.

In the following post I will dive into the dark world of the knight (lame pun intended) and give a small review for each of the segments.