OK, first things first:  Thank you Dreamworks! After a long time in history of the Mighty 3D this is one of the first 3D animated movies not from Pixar that doesn’t put out an obvious pop culture reference each and every minute (although there must have been a ton of Kung Fu movie references). And I don’t miss any of it. Instead the guys at Dreamworks tried to tell a story of a panda who wants to kick ass in big fights full of action and heroism as the dream sequence at the beginning establishes. That’s okay to me.


by Gunther Heinrich, 19 May 2008 in Reviews

I just returned from my favorite cinema of choice watching PROM NIGHT and…and I simply have to write this down immediately so I don’t explode while sleeping.

In short: this movie is bad. Not trashy bad but bad bad.

Brittany Snow plays a perfect Miss Teen you would imagine immediately as soon as I combine the words cute, nice, blond and chick. Up to this everything seems fine as Miss Virgin soon goes to the prom night of her high school. But of course she has a dark past: her parents were killed by Mr. Cliché Killer some years ago because he was stalker you don’t want in your neighborhood, and her teacher as far as I remember. Talk about paranoia. And you know what? Three days before this mentioned prom night

The last shot of MICHAEL CLAYTON

by Gunther Heinrich, 16 Mar 2008 in Analyses Reviews

It doesn’t happen very often that you can witness a wonderful if not ingenious moment in a movie. Yet sometimes you can. And those moments are sadly rare.

Today I watched the movie MICHAEAL CLAYTON with George Clooney playing an attorney who has to deal with a mental breakdown of a fellow attorney and slowly gets involved of a big case of lies and murderer.

Well, you can say many things about that movie, but two things are sure: firstly, this is not the regular attorney-gets-conscience-thriller-movie. And secondly the last ending shot of MICHAEL CLAYTON is pure genius.

At the end of the movie, George Clooney confronts the bad guy/girl with the fact that not only he is still living but also wants a big bribe to keep his mouth shut. The girl

A review of PULSE

by Gunther Heinrich, 21 Nov 2006 in Reviews

Stunning visuals, silly heroes. Great potential, bad execution.

I like J-Horror. The main reason is that they find interesting stories besides the “bad house gets evil”-plot or the “teenage girl gets sliced up”-story we all know so well. Japanese seem to tend to search for stories about small things from daily and normal life which are misused from the dead – or not so dead – which makes those kinds of movies interesting to me, as they explore more than often different themes. Of course the best example is “The Ring” or “Ringu” – in which a video cassette and serial letters get a whole new meaning and dimension.

Now, here is “Pulse”, a remake of the J-Horror ‘Kairo’ which deals with the Internet, WLan and mobiles, and how the ghosts are


by Gunther Heinrich, 24 Oct 2006 in Reviews

Ok, I know the horror movie slasher genre.

I know it too well with all its formulas.

Nevertheless I love SEVERANCE although it uses exactly those formulas. For one it’s the bunch of rather interesting and fresh characters you find in here. Well, there is a blonde beauty but every other member of the cast is looking….normal. And in a normal age. You won’t see one 17 year old girl who is running away in a cheerleader uniform and for that alone I love this movie.

And then there is the really wicked fun. Most of the time you’ll see small jokes or funny moments. One for example is a scene in which the blonde beauty says she doesn’t want to eat anything since she isn’t hungry. The guys looks at her and